Biden promotes chips “made in America” ​​in Ohio and not in China

Biden promotes chips “made in America” ​​in Ohio and not in China

Washington, (Globe Live Media) Sep 9 – US President Joe Biden went to the electorally key state of Ohio this Friday to promote chips “made in the United States” and not in China, in a message aimed at conquering the working class two months before the legislative elections.

“Friends! The future of the chip industry is going to be built here in the United States,” Biden proclaimed.

The president delivered a fiery speech in the open air on the land in Licking County (Ohio) on which a factory will be built that will start producing chips in 2025 and in which Intel has invested 20,000 million dollars.

Biden described that land as “a field of dreams” in which engineers, scientists, college students and craftsmen will work together to create sophisticated chips, crucial to the operation of any electronic device and that are in short supply in the United States.

The pandemic caused supply chain disruptions as those semiconductors are mostly made in China. As a consequence, prices have increased in products that depend on them, such as vehicles, and there has been an increase in inflation.

Given this situation, Biden assured that it is necessary for the United States to increase the production of these materials and return to occupy the place it held 30 years ago, when 30% of these materials were manufactured within the country compared to 10% today.

“We have to make those chips right here in the United States to lower prices and create good jobs,” insisted Biden, who assured that the Intel factory will bring 3,000 jobs to Ohio.


The president also used the occasion to promote a law that Congress approved in July and that contemplates a total investment of 280,000 million dollars, of which 52,700 million dollars are aimed at promoting the construction and expansion of national semiconductor factories. with subsidies and additional credits.

All this with the aim of reversing the enormous dependence that the United States has on microchips manufactured abroad, especially in China.

In this regard, Biden again accused the Chinese government of having pressured some US companies to prevent that law from going ahead, giving those companies a choice between doing business in the United States or in China.

“It’s no wonder the Chinese Communist Party actively lobbied American companies against this bill,” he lashed out. The president had in the background several yellow bulldozers that continued to make noise while he spoke his words and on which huge American flags hung.


The visit to Ohio is part of Biden’s strategy to help the Democratic Party in the November legislative elections, in which the political force that controls the White House traditionally loses seats in Congress.

Ohio, a Midwestern state considered a thermometer of US political temperature, could decide which party will take over the Senate, currently controlled by Democrats, in November.

In Ohio, a key Senate seat is up for grabs with Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan, who was at the ceremony but has distanced himself from Biden on several issues, such as forgiveness of some of the debt incurred by college students.

Just yesterday, Thursday, in statements to the local network WFMJ, Ryan questioned whether Biden should stand for re-election in 2024 by saying that both Democrats and Republicans need “new leadership”, and argued that it is time for a new generation to take the reins.

In contrast, Vance has gone to great lengths to show his similarities to former Republican President Donald Trump, with whom he is scheduled to hold a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on September 17.

Vance, a mutual fund manager, rose to fame in 2016 with the publication of the book “Hillbilly: A Rural Elegy”, in which he portrays the desperation of a white family plagued by addictions, lack of employment and economic decline.

That work, made into a movie, is considered the best portrait to date of the Trump voter in rural areas of the country.

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