Biden continues with covid-19 but is in good health

Biden continues with covid-19 but is in good health

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, continues to test positive for covid-19 although he is well and is working from his residence, his doctor, Kevin O’Connor, reported in a statement on Monday. distributed by the White House.

Biden had lifted his isolation last Wednesday after testing negative for several tests, but on Saturday he came out positive again and confined himself again.

“Going into this week, the president continues to feel well. Following his rebound, we continue to monitor his condition. This morning, as expected, his antigen test remains positive,” O’Connor said.

The president’s doctor explained that Biden “remains in strict isolation” and that he is attending to “the affairs of the American people from his residence.”

In addition, he stated that the president is “fully aware” of the need to protect White House and Secret Service personnel from possible contagion.

The White House announced on July 21 that the president had been infected with covid-19 and on July 27 he came out of isolation after testing negative the day before.

However, after testing negative for four consecutive days, an antigen test on Saturday showed that the virus was still present in the president’s body.

O’Connor has attributed Biden’s positive result to the effects of the oral antiretroviral drug Paxlovid that he took for five days to help with symptoms of the disease.

According to the doctor, this anticovid pill may have a “rebound effect” which is what Biden, 79, is experiencing, and who received two doses of the vaccine and two other boosters.

Since the virus is still present in Biden’s body, the White House has suspended two trips it had scheduled for the next few days, one to Delaware and the other to Michigan.

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