Attack with bottles in Mar del Plata: the confusion by a girl who fired the brutal attack

Attack with bottles in Mar del Plata: the confusion by a girl who fired the brutal attack

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The video that Matías Montín uploaded to his networks

Matías Ezequiel Montín, the 20 year old who suffered a skull fracture after being attacked with bottles in the Ananá bowling alley in Mar del Plata, spoke for the first time publicly after the cowardly attack he suffered last week. He assured in a video recorded from his bed in the Private Community Hospital where he remains hospitalized that he is “Well, with almost one eye less.” In addition, he said that what happened to him “was tremendous, just one year after the attack that cost the life of Fernando Baez Sosa in Villa Gesell ”and stated: “Almost the same thing happened to me”.

Montín also questioned the release of Gabriel Alejandro Galvano (23) and Andrés Guillermo Bracamonte (21), son of the head of the Rosario Central bar Andrés “Pillín” Bracamonte, charged with the attack. “It seems kind of unfair to me that I’m here fighting to get ahead and that the boys who caused this are in their pool enjoying life”He pointed out, referring to the two defendants who were released on Sunday by decision of the judge of guarantees of the case, Daniel de Marco, after a request in this regard from their defender, Sergio Fernández.

Bracamonte son -who was investigated in the cause in the money laundering case where his father was arrested and then released under a three million peso bond- and Galvano, related to a family linked to the transportation business, owner of the BMW M2 where both young men tried to escape to Rosario, were captured by the Buenos Aires Police and passed detained for several days in the Batán prison. A third defendant, Matías Belloso, player of Arsenal de Sarandí, is also released after presenting himself last Friday on his own.

The Ananá disc, where the attack occurred (@ Ananá) 

The decision, in which he did not intervene The prosecutor in the case, Andrea Gómez, relied on the fact that both young people had roots in the city of Santa Fe and that a midpoint of the penalty – the crime of serious injury is punishable by one to six years in prison – implies a possibility of release, explained sources in the Mar del Plata courts to Infobae.

Meanwhile, Gomez continues with its investigation to finally clarify the fact and take the file to trial. The new details of the case are revealing.

Gabriel Galvano and Andrés Bracamonte, two of the three perpetrators, were released

Gabriel Galvano and Andrés Bracamonte, two of the three perpetrators, were released 

Montín, conscious throughout his hospitalization, He declared last Friday in the case: he related how he got together with his friends to attend the disco and how the events happened. He claimed that he lost consciousness the moment he received the bottles. Galvano himself acknowledged hitting with a bottle of champagne to Matías, in an alleged defense attempt.

For now, there are no security camera records of the event or cell phone footage of the beating, despite the fact that Ananá’s security personnel stated that there were 500 people in the bar and 100 in the VIP that night. Many witnesses were not even aware of it. No one registered it with their smartphone. Personnel responsible for Ananá assured that the cameras weren’t pointed at the scene. However, Gómez does not particularly believe in this version: in his inspection of the bowling alley he found filming units that could not be seen with the naked eye.

Thus, Gomez ordered kidnap and appraise the bowling alley’s DVR equipment to rule out or not the possibility of a video of the beating.

The story of the fight, a fleeting fact, it’s still confusing. An interdict in the bathroom of the disco between the accused, Montín and his friends seems to be the axis of the conflict. The cause of the fight was unknown. Fernando Báez Sosa, according to the cause investigating his death, was beaten to death in Villa Gesell by a drink spilled on a shirt. Today, new accounts that are part of the cause of what happened in Mar del Plata indicate what started the conflict: an interdict by a woman.

When they were stopped on Route 9 at the height of San Nicolás, Bracamonte and Galvano were traveling with a 22-year-old girl named Sofía, with whom they had spent their vacations in Mar del Plata. The interdict, precisely, was by Sofía, who is not charged in the file. Apparently, there would have been no sexist comments, nothing specifically directed at the young woman. It was all a confusion. “What are you laughing at?”they would have told the victim.

Matías Belloso, the third defendant.

Matías Belloso, the third defendant. 

According to the investigation of the case, by the prosecutor Andrea Gómez, head of the Functional Unit of Instruction 4, The three defendants attacked the young man with bottles on the head, which caused a skull fracture, a brain hematoma, injuries to his face and mouth., for which he had to be admitted to intensive care at the HPC in Mar del Plata.

After more than 48 hours in the critical care unit, the victim was referred last Thursday to a common room, due to his evolution, and will remain hospitalized under observation for a few more days, as reported to Telam his father, Carlos Montín.


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