Arantxa de Benito, exhausted with the controversies of her daughter, Zayra Gutiérrez

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02/13/2019 Arantxa de Benito, in an archive image EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY


Arantxa de Benito is exhausted from the controversies that her daughter, Zayra Gutiérrez, is starring in, but far from speaking publicly about her opinion about her daughter’s behavior and also about the highly questioned relationship with her, she remains silent and does not make any statement about it. .

As we say, Guti’s ex-partner is very overwhelmed with the latest information about her daughter. We caught her entering her house with her mother (Zayra’s grandmother) and we took advantage of her appearance to ask her how she was handling all the speculations that are being spilled on television sets about her and her daughter.

Arantxa de Benito prefers to remain silent and does not answer any of the questions asked by the press in the vicinity of her house. These are not good times for Guti’s ex-wife and the truth is that she has gone from attending the media to not saying a single word before the cameras.

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