AMPL.- Libya.- The Libyan parties vote this Monday on the method of selecting the future unity government

AMPL.- Libya.- The Libyan parties vote this Monday on the method of selecting the future unity government

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17 January 2021 – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has announced that the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) has made remarkable progress this week in determining the method of selecting a new unity government for the country to Through a vote that will take place this Monday, according to his spokesman, Jan Alam.The military negotiation path that brings together the representatives of both sides, the so-called 5 + 5 group that includes members of the authorities recognized by the international community in Tripoli and the forces from the east of the country “has advanced significantly, especially after the exchange. of detainees, the resumption of flights to all parts of Libya and the resumption of oil production and export. ”

The UN official also praised the decision to unify the exchange rate and considered the recent meeting to discuss the unification of the general budget as a step towards the unity of national institutions and the development of more sustainable and equitable economic arrangements.

The next step will take place this coming Monday, when the political forum will be in charge of voting on the proposal for the selection mechanism of the new government, according to Stephanie Williams, acting UN envoy for the country.

The mechanism consists of two phases. In the first, lists will be presented whose prime ministerial candidate must have 70 percent support. In the event that no list succeeds, another process will be carried out in which each shortlist of candidates must receive a minimum of support from the different regions of the country to guarantee the representation of all Libyans and regional diversity.

A vote will be held that can be won by the list that achieves at least 60 percent in the first round or, in the event that none reaches this percentage, the winner in a second round among the two most voted options.

Next Monday, the members of the Political Dialogue will meet to vote on this mechanism that needs a 63 percent majority in the first round. If it is not achieved after the first vote, the result of which will be known on Tuesday, there will be another 48 hours of negotiation before deciding whether or not to approve it by simple majority.

Williams stressed that the UN had no role in the decision of this mechanism and that it is a matter “between Libyans.”

He has also reiterated his congratulations and stressed that it is a matter of agreeing on the formation of a temporary government until the elections scheduled for December 24 of this year.

The UN-backed Unity Government and authorities in the east of the country whose strongman is General Jali Haftar reached a UN-brokered ceasefire in October.

Among the agreed measures was the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries in the country within a period of three months.

“The agreement marks the best possible compromise and encourages people to save the interregional division to strengthen unity in the country,” he declared through a statement collected this Saturday by the ‘Libya Herald’. The result of the vote will be announced on Tuesday.


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