Amazon Web Services dismantled an Islamic State application

Amazon Web Services dismantled an Islamic State application

A propaganda group from the Islamic State (IS) maintained a website and an application that depended on the Amazon Web Services platform, which deactivated the site on Friday, the US press reported.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, this is Nida-e-Haqq, a group that distributes Islamist content in the Urdu language (spoken in Pakistan and occasionally in Afghanistan), including messages from the Islamic State of Khorasan, the Afghan branch of IS.

That group claimed responsibility for Thursday’s attack on the Kabul airport, which caused dozens of deaths and injuries.

The link to Amazon Web Services was discovered by SITE Intelligence Group, an organization that tracks extremism online. The information was released by the executive director of the group, Rita Katz, quoted by the newspaper.

The journalistic version indicated that the Nida-e-Haqq application released on Thursday what it claimed was the image of a terrorist wearing a suicide vest before the explosion in Kabul.

Katz explained that the source code of the application showed that it extracted words and images from a website of the propaganda group hosted on Amazon Web Services since April and disabled today.

The spokesperson for Amazon, Casey McGee, noted in an email to the Post that after an investigation they deactivated the website that was linked to that app, given that “Violated the Acceptable Use Policy” from Amazon Web Services.

Said policy prohibits, among others, that customers use the cloud computing service “to threaten, incite, promote or actively encourage violence, terrorism or other serious harm”.

Thursday, at least 170 people were killed and 150 others injured at the Kabul airport, after a suicide attack, sources close to the Taliban told Efe in Kabul.

The Pentagon has reported the death of 13 US soldiers and 18 injured as a result of the attack, which took place five days before the United States concludes its evacuation and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Early this Saturday the United States Army fought back the Islamic State this Saturday, bombing one of its members in Afghanistan less than 48 hours after a devastating suicide bombing claimed by the group killed 169 Afghans and 13 US servicemen at Kabul Airport.

The US Central Command said it carried out a drone strike against a member of the Islamic State in Nangahar believed to be involved in planning attacks in Kabul. The attack killed one person and the spokesman, Navy Capt. William Urban, said they knew of no civilian casualties.

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