At least five Afghan policemen and an intelligence agent have died during a succession of attacks carried out during the last 12 hours in three provinces of the country and that add to the 13 security personnel killed in another attack in the province of Herat, according to have informed security sources.

Two members of the police force were killed in an explosion that targeted an armored vehicle on the Kabul University highway in the Afghan capital’s police district, injuring three other people.

The vehicle belonged to Mohammad Nabi Bayan, the deputy chief of the Kabul Police Headquarters for security matters, who survived the attack and returned to the office.

Another policeman was killed and two more injured in a roadside bomb blasting a police vehicle in the town of Pul e Khumri in Baghlan province.

Also, in the province of Helmand, two other police officers who were circulating in the town of Nahr e Siraj died when a bomb exploded as their vehicle passed, as explained by the member of the provincial council, Ataulá Afghan.

In addition, a member of the Afghan intelligence services, Juma Gul, was killed in an attack by unknown gunmen in the city of Lashkar Gah in Helmand province on Saturday morning, according to another security source to the Tolo News network.

To all this must be added the deaths of at least 13 members of the Afghan security forces in the attack perpetrated by the Taliban in Herat, in the west of the country. The policemen were at an outpost when three Taliban “infiltrators” attacked them and stole weapons from their bodies, corps spokesman Abdul Ahad Walizada reported.

Violence continues to be a constant in Afghanistan despite ongoing peace negotiations between the country’s government and the Taliban.

This Friday, the United States completed the withdrawal of part of its troops from Afghanistan, leaving a contingent of 2,500 troops in the Asian country, a record low since the US mission began in the area.

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