Actor Julian Sands Missing: The latest updates on the Search operation

Actor Julian Sands Missing: The latest updates on the Search operation

On January 13, Julian Sands, an Oscar nominee for roles in movies including “A Room with a View,” is said to have vanished after trekking to Mount Baldi in Southern California.

Update: The hunt for missing actor Julian Sands, who vanished 13 days ago in Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains, has got its tactics changed.

The search will continue “by air alone,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office announced, employing RECCO equipment that may find “reflective materials, electrical devices, and in some circumstances, credit cards.”

Exactly one day after another missing hiker was located, workers adopted a new strategy. Jin Chung, a 75-year-old Los Angeles resident who was reported missing the day before, was discovered with injuries to his leg and from the weather, according to authorities.

His North Yorkshire-based brother Nick said that he had already said his goodbyes.

Authorities in California claim that the devastating storm has complicated search operations and prevented them from finding the actor.

Nick Sands stated, “I accepted the reality that he was gone, and that’s how I’ve lived with it.”

The financial advisor advised focusing on his ailing sibling, who had slumped on the mountainside.

However, his wife and three children have made it obvious that they still want to find him.

“I believe that there is still hope for all of us, but I am aware that he is not in my heart, and as a result, I have already given him a farewell.”

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office stated on Tuesday: “Numerous ground and aerial search operations have been conducted, but Mr. Sands has not yet been located, and no signs have been discovered that would point to his location.”

“As long as the weather and ground conditions allow, the search will go on.”

Although Mr. Sands has acted in a large number of movies and TV series, his leading part in the 1985 British romantic picture ‘A Room with a View’ is what first brought him international attention.

According to Nick Sands, he and his brother were reared in the Yorkshire Dales area of Skipton.

“I moved to Claycoo in 1962 and then to Gargrave in 1963 from Adele in Leeds.”

Four of Nick Sands’ five siblings still reside there, and he called the region “a terrific place to develop.”

“The entire time he lived apart, Julian was able to see us and his mother, and he had a really good relationship with Brenda, who passed away six years ago.”

According to Sands, the performers continued to travel to meet the Quentin, Robin, Nick, and Jeremy brothers, or the “Monday Club,” three or four times a year.

Nick said he always tries to fit in some action when he visits, and Julian Sands has previously mentioned that he enjoys trekking and mountain climbing.

“He even finished the Ernest Hemingway.”

“He’s just coming for one night, it’s a huge effort, he’s coming by train, he stays the night with me, and he’s coming by train the next day, to drink beer and curry.”

Evgenia Sitkowicz, a writer, and Julian Sands reside in the North Hollywood district of Los Angeles. They have two children.

He previously wed Sarah Sands, a former editor of the Today show on BBC Radio 4, and the couple had a son.

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