A video of an alleged kidnapping went viral in Chile, but the police revealed that this was not what happened

A video of an alleged kidnapping went viral in Chile, but the police revealed that this was not what happened

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Alleged kidnapping alerted residents of Santiago

The fact was recorded in several videos that were published on social networks. Pictures show a person who resisted getting into a private vehicle by force. The screams alerted neighbors, who reported having witnessed a kidnapping. However, hours later the fact was denied by the police.

The confusing situation He kept the residents of the Santa Isabel sector, located in the heart of Santiago, the capital of Chile, on alert. Cries for help began to be heard around 11 at night, local time, so some neighbors leaned out the window. Some even recorded the fact.

“You heard a person with a male voice asking for help and we started to feel it stronger and stronger. At first, with my partner, we thought someone was bothering, but when he started screaming loudly, we got worried and got closer, “he says. Matías Tenaú, neighbor of a condominium with nearby buildings to the place where the event occurred.

After the video was uploaded to social networks, numerous Internet users began looking for explanations for the fact.

In the images you can see how two men enter a white vehicle to another subject. For the way of carrying it, tied up and resenting, a growing rumor began that it was an alleged kidnapping.

“We couldn’t see so closely so with the phone we tried to zoom in and we realized that there were two guys who were taking others. My partner started calling the Carabineros to the shooting, but they did not respond. It still caught my attention that if it was supposedly a kidnapping, they were still super exposed, they were looking at them from all sides. I thought that the police were going to arrive at any moment, ”says Tenaú.

However in the morning, the information was denied by the security forces.

Neighbors photographed and recorded the alleged kidnapping, however after a series of rumors, the fact was denied by the police

Through a statement, Carabineros warned that it was a case of lack of control of a psychiatric patient. “Due to the dissemination of videos through social networks, in which two subjects force a man into a vehicle, the Duty Prosecutor instructed that all the proceedings would be in charge of the BIPE Police Special Crimes Brigade of the PDI Investigative Police. It should be noted that later Carabineros receives a phone call reporting a case of domestic violence, Therefore, they went to Santa Rosa street, where the police met with the parents of a 31-year-old psychiatric patient, who stated that he fled the home during a mental decompensation, being found on the public highway and forcibly entered the aforementioned vehicle to return home, from where again he tried to flee, throwing himself from a third floor towards a tree and fall to the road, where he was assisted by SAMU personnel and transferred to the Central Post for stabilization. With the above, it was ruled out that the fact is a kidnapping”Describes the statement.

As the hours passed, the comments continued to question the version provided by the police, especially due to speculation that the truck that took the 31-year-old was without a license. “Some neighbors began to throw objects to try to stop what we thought was a kidnapping, but the vehicle left quickly and from there we did not know more about the person they took“Said Matías the neighbor and witness to the event.

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