A mother of four, an Anti-vaxxer, dies of Coronavirus in California

A mother of four, an Anti-vaxxer, dies of Coronavirus in California

The American Kristen Lowery, 40 years old and mother of four children, used to call herself a “freethinker”, published images where she was seen evading health protocols associated with the care that must be taken to avoid getting sick from coronavirus and left messages against vaccines.

Now, her family and friends are mourning her death after she caught COVID-19.

According to the California News Times, the 40-year-old woman used to post on her social networks snapshots where she appeared without a mask and attending marches with dozens of people who did not respect social distancing in various areas of Escalon, in California, USA.

“No mask, no muzzle, no vaccine, no fear. Together we win,” was the legend that described her last profile photo on Facebook before she became seriously ill and was diagnosed with a picture of pneumonia associated with coronavirus.

In another post it reads: “Give a voice to those injured by the vaccine”, where appears Lowery while holding a banner.

The aforementioned journalistic medium managed to recover some publications of the woman where her family and friends begged for her speedy recovery, since her little Tayden, McKenna, Ella, Ryenn were at home without knowing their mother’s situation.

“Your children love you and miss you very much. Please don’t give up. I don’t care about your opinion about those vaccinated or not. This is not political,” they wrote.

However, after several days of battling the coronavirus, Kristen passed away on September 15.

Although she was always against vaccines and other protocols established by health entities, those closest to her described her as “a phenomenal mother who always put her children first”.

“She was full of life and loved her friends and family fiercely,” cataloged the authors of the fundraising in GoFundMe, who obtained more than 10,000 dollars that will be used for funeral expenses and the difference will be used for the care of the children.

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