A Man was fined ,000 for breaking the Quarantine 7 times

A Man was fined $35,000 for breaking the Quarantine 7 times

A Taiwanese man was fined US $35,000 for repeatedly breaking the home quarantine.

The anonymous man, who lives in Taichung, in central Taiwan, was in home quarantine in his apartment building after returning from a business trip to mainland China and broke it at least seven times, according to local media.

According to TTV News, the man left his apartment building seven times in just three days to go shopping, fix his car, and more. He reportedly got into an altercation with one of his neighbors when he was confronted about leaving his home during the quarantine.

The mayor of Taichung, Lu Shiow-yen, denounced it as “a serious crime”, adding that the man “must receive severe punishment”.

In addition to the fine, which is the highest ever imposed in Taiwan, the man will have to pay US $107 per day for the cost of his quarantine. The Taiwanese government has compensated quarantined guards US $35 per day, for which it will no longer be eligible.

Taiwan has been one of the world’s most successful stories when it comes to containing the coronavirus. The autonomous island closed its border from the beginning, implemented massive testing and contact tracing, and has strictly enforced quarantines.

In December 2020, a migrant worker from the Philippines was fined US $3,500 for violating his quarantine for a total of eight seconds. The man, who was quarantined at a government licensed hotel, briefly entered the hallway outside his room and was captured by CCTV.

As a result of these strict controls, the island of 23 million people has recorded only 889 coronavirus cases and seven deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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