A 17-year-old boy went into a stream in a private neighborhood and never came out: after 24 hours, he remains missing

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The young man disappeared in Villa La Ñata, Tigre

Tension, concern and mystery are experienced among the residents of the private neighborhoods Santa Catalina and San Benito, in Villa La Ñata: A 17-year-old boy got into a stream that connects both neighborhoods on Saturday morning and, after 24 hours, he remains missing.

It’s about the teenager Gian Mazzuchelli, a resident of the Santa Catalina neighborhood of Tigre, who was last seen by the security cameras of the country on Saturday around 3.35 in the morning and who has been unaccounted for since 4 o’clock that same day.

The incident came to light after A security guard from the gated community claimed to have seen a person throw himself into the artificial Villanueva stream, which connects the Santa Catalina neighborhood with the San Benito neighborhood, very close to the commercial avenue of Villa La Ñata.

The incident stunned the family and the entire community in the private neighborhood. According to the young man’s own father, Felipe Mazzuchelli, the 17-year-old boy had stayed with his family at their home on Friday night and then stayed to sleep inside their home.

The stream where the 17-year-old fell

The Buenos Aires Province police were able to access a video clip taken by security cameras located near lots 552 and 550 in the Santa Catalina neighborhood. There you can see the teenager running down the street of the neighborhood circling, with his arms outstretched, as if he were dancing.

Once the police of the Province and personnel of the Benavídez UFI came to the scene, They managed to find the cell phone, iPhone brand, of the boy on one of the banks of the stream.

The rescue team is made up of representatives of different forces
The rescue team is made up of representatives of different forces

As he could find out Infobae, the search and rescue efforts were stopped on Saturday night and were resumed early today, Sunday, with sunlight.

The search operation for the missing teenager is being carried out by divers from the Buenos Aires Police, sinister scientific police, volunteer firefighters from Tigre and Civil Defense personnel.

Experts believe that during the course of Sunday and the first half of Monday Mazzuchelli may be found, always under the hypothesis that the young man could not get out of the stream.

Search tasks resumed early Sunday
Search tasks resumed early Sunday

It was still not possible to determine if the 17-year-old had consumed alcohol or some type of drug, before starting the walk through the private neighborhood and jumping into the water.

Gian’s family and friends launched a campaign on social media, asking Internet users for any information about the teenager’s whereabouts.

“Please, people from Villa La Ñata and Dique Luján, be attentive. Gian isn’t showing up yet and we’re desperate. We know that it fell into the Villanueva stream, in front of the San Benito neighborhood (…) We are looking for Gian from today at 4 in the morning, if someone knows something, saw him, or is with him, please notify the police”Read the message written on the networks by a friend of the missing youth.

The case of Gian Mazzuchelli has points of contact with a similar episode that occurred in the middle of last December, when Guido Orlando, a 23-year-old young man disappeared after falling with his kayak into the waters of the artificial lake in the Puertos del Lago neighborhood, in Escobar.

Guido Orlando, the 23-year-old who died after his kayak capsized in a lake in a private neighborhood of Escobar
Guido Orlando, the 23-year-old who died after his kayak capsized in a lake in a private neighborhood of Escobar

The young man disappeared on December 11, while sailing with a friend, who managed to float after the fall. Orlando’s body was found three days later: it was 20 meters from the coast and about 8 meters deep.

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