Forty cows escaped from a slaughterhouse and ended up in a suburb of Los Angeles and attacked a family, authorities said Wednesday.

Cows were reported to be running through the streets of Pico Rivera around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday after a gate of a meat-packing plant was left open inadvertently, Los Angels police said in a statement.

The cattle reached a neighborhood located a kilometer and a half away and one of the animals charged the four members of a family, who fell to the ground and suffered minor injuries.

An agent shot and killed the cow to protect the family. The injured received treatment at a hospital, the police station said.

Steve Carmona, a municipal official in Pico Rivera, told local television station KTLA that he had to get into a car so that the cattle did not run over him.

It was a scary situation“, he said.

Police on horseback helped capture and return the cows to the slaughterhouse.

Of the forty, 38 were captured, one was killed and one has not been located.” Said the department.

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