New Pokémon Snap trailer specifies release date –

New Pokémon Snap trailer specifies release date –

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Trailer New Pokémon Snap specifies its release date

Announced last June during a Pokémon Presents, the successor to the Nintendo 64 photo game today shared its release date in a trailer.

As its name suggests, New Pokémon Snap serves as a sequel to the Pokémon Snap game released in 1999 for Nintendo 64. The player embarks in the Lentis region and takes part in an environmental study on Pokémon led by Professor Mirror. Creatures from all generations of the license will be present and it will be possible as for opus 64 to use apples and other gadgets to attract the attention of wild Pokémon.

New Pokémon Snap will be released on April 30 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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