Netflix Renews Locke & Key for Season 3

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Locking and Key has been officially renewed for a third season on Netflix before its second season premieres on the streaming platform.

Netflix’s Jo-Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez’s live-action adaptation of the IDW publishing series, Locke & Key, has been officially renewed for a third season.

Upgrades for season 3, according to The Hollywood Reporter Locke and Key Debut has been made on the streaming platform even before the second season. With Locke and Key season 2 set to be produced in Toronto this week, with work beginning at season 3 in January 2021. Netflix confirmed Locke and KeyA second season will come sometime in 2021.

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Co-shower Meredith Avril (haunted by Hill House, The virgin And Good wife) Has signed an overall agreement with Netflix, which strengthens the relationship with Steamer Locke and KeyCreative team.

“Carlton and Meredith have created an incredible world Locke and Key, We’re excited for the Locks’ return in the third season, “Brian Wright, Netflix’s vice president of overall deals for Netflix, said in a statement.” I am pleased to expand my creative partnership with Meredith Avril, a genius. A producer with the best-in-class horror and a keen eye for supernatural storytelling. “

“I am incredibly grateful that I have found a home on Netflix where I feel the constant support, challenge and inspiration,” Avril said. “I look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship.”

Carlton Cuse, co-listener of Locke and Key The couple added, “We have some incredible adventures for the Locke family in season 3, and couldn’t be more excited to continue their story with their great allies at Netflix.”

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An October report stated that Lock & Key was quietly renewed for season 3.

Now streaming on Netflix, Locke and Key In Season 1, Darby Stanfield as Nina Locke, Jackson Robert Scott as Bod Locke, Conor Jessup as Tyler Locke, Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke, Bill Heck as Randall Locke, Lesella as Dodge, Oleveira as Dodge, Thomas Mitchell Barnett as Sam Lesser, Griffin Gluck. Geoff and Coby Bird as Rufus Whedon. Season 2 will arrive in 2021.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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