Netflix Launches a first Streaming Television Channel in France
Since November 5, Netflix has launched a test with a "Direct" function for French subscribers. © Netflix

Netflix Launches a first Streaming Television Channel in France

A linear channel integrated into the VOD service, this is what Netflix offers with its new real-time stream.

The streaming platform has chosen France to test its new live streaming functionality. As mainstream TV channels enter the world of VOD to compete with Netflix, Netflix chooses to create a real-time broadcast stream similar to a TV channel. All Netflix Direct viewers have access to a common program schedule. This feature is only available via the web browser for the moment and only France is concerned.

Discover original Netflix programs
Some may wonder what the value of this feature is for an on-demand platform such as Netflix. It is important to remember that television still has a very large audience, and that its viewers appreciate the principle of programming, which saves them from having to choose a program. This will make it easier for the undecided to discover new programs, offered directly by Netflix.

The programs that will be highlighted and broadcast on this channel by Netflix will primarily be “original French Netflix programs” such as “Mortel” or “Family Business”. Then will come the “original European programs”, such as “La Casa de Papel” and finally the most popular “international original programs” in France.

A classic TV channel operation
The platform will broadcast between 2 to 5 episodes of the same series in a row, for those curious who wish to continue the series, they can continue via the classic Netflix VOD system.

Each day the detailed broadcast schedule will be available in the Direct tab, to allow viewers to know the exact broadcast time of each film, series or even documentary.

This live broadcast mode has been available since November 5 for certain French users. It should be rolled out to all French subscribers by December 2.