Netanyahu receives Israel’s first coronavirus vaccine


Jerusalem, Dec 19 (EFE) .- The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, today became the first Israeli to receive the coronavirus vaccine, which will begin to be applied to the rest of the citizens as of tomorrow, starting with the toilets.
“This is a very important day for the State of Israel,” said the head of government before receiving the Pfizer vaccine at Sheba hospital, near Tel Aviv, and explained that his decision to be the first to receive the vaccine was to give an example to the rest of the population.
After receiving the vaccine, he added: “A small injection for a man and an important step for the health of all of us.”
In addition to the prime minister, a group of health officials, including the minister, Yuli Edelstein, also received their dose today, in the same hospital.
In this way, Israel begins the vaccination process, which will continue tomorrow, when the health workers and the president, Reuvén Rivlin, begin to receive the vaccine.
Starting Monday, the first dose will also begin to be applied to the elderly in nursing homes and their caregivers, to those over 60 years of age and, later to people with pre-existing pathologies, after which it will be the turn of the rest of the population, with except for children, pregnant women, those with acute allergies and those who have already overcome the coronavirus.
Israel, with nine million people, has more than 300,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and expects to receive about four million more by the end of the month.
The vaccination plan provides for the administration of between 60,000 and 82,000 daily doses, although local media today warned that difficulties in the distribution of vaccines could force a slower start.
The national coordinator for the pandemic, Nachman Ash, said today that the inoculation process will only begin to show results in about two months, so the restrictions must continue to be respected. The vaccine consists of two months, which are applied one month apart.
In addition to its agreement with Pfizer, Israel also has agreements with other manufacturers of vaccines, including the biotechnology company Moderna, which received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration last night and from which it will receive six million doses in the coming months. .

Melissa Galbraith
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