NBA chose the best play of the day: Campazzo’s fantastic pass and Hartenstein made the rim shake

NBA chose the best play of the day: Campazzo’s fantastic pass and Hartenstein made the rim shake

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Campazzo’s play that was the best of the day

Facundo Campazzo returned to the field on a new day of the NBA. Despite Denver’s defeat in his visit to Brooklyn, the Argentine guard managed for the first time to be the protagonist of the best play of the day in the best basketball league in the world.

Little more than 8 minutes remained of the second quarter when it occurred the action that was chosen as the most outstanding of the 10 chosen of the day. With the Nuggets dominating the game and leading by 12 points (46-34), The Argentine base took charge of his team’s offense and generated an action that wall and unchecked with his teammate Isaiah Hartenstein, another of the international players who is part of the rotation in the franchise that comes from being a finalist in the Western Conference last season.

With the ball in your hands, Campazzo and the German created a pick and roll which ended with a fantastic assist from former Real Madrid between two rivals. The giant of 2 meters and 13 centimeters took the ball and ended the action with a dunk on the body of Joe Harris, which he also needed. Automatically, the entire substitute bench and teammates on the court approached Hartenstein to congratulate him on the dazzling score.

In what has to do with the statistics of the game, Campazzo was on the court for just over 11 minutes and finished with six points -He scored 2/5 of shots behind the triple crescent- and distributed a goal pass for his team. In addition, he was charged two personal fouls and closed his performance with a positive rating of +5 when he was on the court.

The best plays of the day in the NBA with Campazzo in position 1

That play took the number 1 position among the best on Tuesday in the NBA, which in addition to the Nets beat Denver 122-116, included another five games. Among the actions that completed the podium of the day, in third place was Kevin Durant, the leading scorer in Brooklyn’s win over the Nuggets. On the 7th of the locals he ran the entire court with the ball in his hands, left Paul Millsap on the road with a dribble and ended with a powerful dunk.

In position 2, the play that ended behind the great assistance of Campazzo starred her LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers number 23 hit a 3-pointer without looking: the Rey He received the ball from his teammate Markieff Morris on the left side of the attack of the reigning champions, turned around and stared at one of his teammates who was on the bench until the play was over. Once the entire bench celebrated the score, the four-time pick Most valuable Player of the NBA ran out to join the defense.

Campazzo was the protagonist of the play number 1 of the day in the NBA (EFE)

With a 117-100 victory over the Rockets in Houston, the Lakers are at the top of the West with a record of nine wins and three losses. The other matches of the day were: Philadelphia 76ers 137-134 Miami Heat, Utah Jazz 117-87 Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs 112-102 Oklahoma City Thunder e Indiana Pacers 104-95 Golden State Warriors.


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