Nastya Gold Is Tired Of Being Bullied For Her Appearance

Nastya Gold Is Tired Of Being Bullied For Her Appearance

Nastya Gold urges her haters to stop judging her appearance and changes

The girl claims that she has always liked and likes herself. Therefore only if it concerns her, will she change something else in her appearance or stop. Although, according to the brunette, she plans to continue improving her appearance in spite of everyone’s opinions.

Nastya has quite a few anti-fans who constantly reproach her not only for an erroneous marriage, but also for her external data. The girl often asks haters to stop insulting her, but Nastya turns out to be not very convincing.

Many viewers and fans of the project noticed that Yabbarov’s wife very rarely began to appear on the air, some even begin to forget that such a participant exists in the meadow. That is why most people compare changes in appearance with attracting attention.

Nastya Gold’s Eyegazing Style, Pictures:

Fans are sure that Nastya uses all her experiments as an attempt to attract the attention of the audience. Subscribers advise the girl to devote more time to her spouse, and not to changes in her image. Although, Ilya Yabbarov claims that all girls need to follow the example of Nastya.