Muniain: “We come with all the ambition in the world”

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Muniain is the captain of Athletic and the one who would lift the Super Cup if the lions hit Andalusia. He already has one, the one from 2015, and dreams of the feat. The first is focused on Madrid. He hopes that they are “intense and with rhythm”, and does not try to take away the iron from the semifinal, on the contrary, he considers it a “very important” match.

How have these days been with the postponement of the game?

There have been positive things, we have had more days to work with the new coach, to implement his ideas with the team, it has been good for us to work on aspects that he wants for tomorrow.

Is it worth showing progress with that new idea or are they going for the title? Some downplay this trophy …

It is very important for everyone. With the new format, we have brought together four very competitive teams. They are beautiful semifinals, I hope we do things well and can enjoy the final Sunday. We come with all the ambition in the world, we are going to start with tomorrow’s game and then see the following.

What is Madrid’s greatest danger?

The one we all know: we are not going to discover anything, he is very powerful in all his lines, and on the bench he has a very high quality to solve matches. We are going to try to do what we have worked for, being an organized team in defense, intense, with rhythm and when we have the ball, trying to move from one side to another so that gaps are generated, and then be careful when we attack, because they are players with a very high ability to solve and it will be highly contested. Hopefully we can benefit from this crash

In the 2015 final, he was able to participate, because he was recovering from the knee injury.

In that final I was recovering from the knee injury, now I have to be able to experience it in a different way and I’m really looking forward to it, like the whole team. It is something that is very exciting, to be able to enjoy a title and in this way. People are very concentrated, we face the game with many guarantees of being able to win it. The demand is maximum, but I see the team trained to make this effort and be able to get something favorable.

Nobody gave a penny for Athletic in 2015, like now.

With the other format, we played against a Barça that was going through a great moment. I remember getting a wide result, which allowed us to finish it off at the Camp Nou. We are facing the most powerful teams in the world, the difficulty is great. We come to win as always, we are a great club historically and we always try to show it.

If you had to cross out one of Madrid, by contagion or whatever, who would say?

We don’t wish that on anyone. You already know the answer, everyone who has Madrid is top, we want everyone to be, because we like challenges, putting ourselves to the test, challenges and this is a great one to try to achieve beautiful things.

You have a tattoo from the 2015 Super Cup. Have you chosen a site in case another is done?

We are going to start tomorrow and then continue to see how everything happens.

With the new system it will be difficult to see him as a playmaker.

I have had the opportunity to talk about football with the coach these days. Against Barça I played inside left, a position where I have played hundreds of games and in which I feel very comfortable. The coach asks me to get involved in the game and have the freedom to take the game and associate myself in situations in which I can generate danger. I found myself comfortable, I am satisfied with what I did and I hope to continue in this line.

They will have to minimize individual errors.

We are aware that on many occasions individual errors have cost us games, because we are not together and that these concentration errors can be avoided. Nobody wants to fail, but sometimes these things happen. We are working on other types of concepts with the new manager that help us to be more competitive if possible and we are very optimistic for the future.

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