Pixar's Soul cartoon is so popular it does better than The Office

Pixar’s Soul cartoon is so popular it does better than The Office

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Disney now has a large number of prestigious studios under its umbrella. This represents a huge catalog, with many more to come. With impressive numbers.

There was little doubt that Pixar‘s Soul movie would find its audience by landing directly on Disney+ in numerous countries. And the figures now clearly support this strategy. Indeed, Deadline reports that the film sits at the top of the most watched streaming content according to Nielsen between December 21 and December 27, 2020. In total, no less than 1.669 billion minutes of viewing. It’s better than the cult series The Office (1.435 billion minutes), which is really impressive when you consider that the TV series has steadily dominated the 2020 audiences and had only a few days left to live on. Netflix before landing on Peacock.

Soul is a hit with Disney +

Disney’s other big streaming production, The Mandalorian, comes in at only fifth place, with “only” 1 billion viewing minutes for its second season. Netflix takes third and fourth place with the already cult series The Chronicle of the Bridgertons and the film Midnight in the Universe (1.1 billion minutes) by and with George Clooney.

And does better than The Office on Netflix

It’s hard to know how Wonder Woman 1984 is doing on HBO Max with its Christmas Day release as WarnerMedia has not released its numbers, and will not reveal its subscriber numbers until its financial results are released. in the course of next week. That being said, the success seems to have been there since the Warner accelerated the project immediately.

Still, Soul had a number of advantages in its bag. It’s a film for children – and one that speaks a lot to adults too – which also launched during the holiday season, when everyone was stuck at home. And unlike Mulan, you didn’t have to pay extra to be able to see it. In other words, a huge potential audience that Disney might not find anytime soon.

But it’s still an important victory for Disney. This shows that the giant’s big blockbusters can attract huge audiences through Disney +. This is absolutely vital for the media giant which is making a real transition to streaming. This is also a huge plus at a time when Disney + has quite a few interesting exclusives, with WandaVision only arriving now. The question now is whether the new subscribers who have been convinced for Soul will remain customers of the platform.

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