Godzilla vs Kong: Why will the premiere of this long-awaited film be delayed again and where?

Godzilla vs Kong: Why will the premiere of this long-awaited film be delayed again and where?

AND This weekend we could see the trailer for the new movie, Godzilla vs Kong, quickly on social networks, users started the controversy by dividing into #TeamGodzilla or #TeamKong; However, there is bad news and that is that its premiere will be delayed.

One of the many activities that Covid-19 took away from us is going to the movies, and although we currently have streaming platforms like Netflix and even movies like Mulan have been released on Disney +; certainly not compared to the experience of going to a movie theater, along with a companion and of course, some good popcorn.

Godzilla vs Kong, is just one of the many releases expected for this 2021, since these two are one of the most iconic monsters in the history of cinema, and like many others, this film also delayed its premiere and did so for May 2021; however, they surprised fans when Warner Bros announced that they would advance its arrival in theaters, for March of this year.

When will the movie premiere in theaters and streaming?

The premiere of this film will be on March 31, both for theaters and for the streaming platform, HBO Max.

However, not everything is bad, since, if HBO Max still does not arrive in your country, then that means that Godzilla vs Kong will be released on March 26, in theaters that are open.

Where would the premiere be delayed and why?

For now, the only country in which HBO Max is available is the United States and therefore, they will not see the premiere of Godzilla vs Kong, until March 31. This information was provided by Variety magazine, so this information is not official yet.

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