Mirtha Legrand returned to television after 9 months


From March to date, Argentine television has undergone changes at an unknown speed. The small screen had to adapt to these times, marked by the coronavirus pandemic and the necessary care to avoid its contagion. The shows changed their theme, others ended prematurely, and some didn’t even start. The studios were conditioned to respect health measures and many drivers or journalists who are in the risk group continue to go on the air by video call. The historical Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand He faced an unprecedented situation in his 52 years that he has been on the air: your driver, the Chiqui, he had to give his place to his granddaughter, Juana Viale, throughout all this time.

The last time Mirtha had been on her show was on March 15th. From then on, he decided to prioritize his health, stay in his apartment in Palermo and have contact with as few people as possible. Juana Viale was commissioned – with an outstanding work – to replace her. Finally, this saturday the Chiqui returned to his historic table, his place in the world. The show was recorded this afternoon and, as he was able to find out Teleshow, was marked by the emotion of the diva.

Mirtha Legrand returned to television after a nine-month absence. She did it in a special broadcast of La Noche de Mirtha, which she recorded this Saturday afternoon with her granddaughter, Juana Viale, who took charge of conducting the cycle from March 15, when the diva chose to prioritize her health and interrupt your work to avoid catching coronavirus.

The long-awaited program began with 7.6 rating points, with the opening by Juana Viale. Unlike the other broadcasts, this time she was very excited by the presence of her grandmother in the studio. “Mrs. Mirtha Legrand returns to your table for all of you. It is a huge happiness. As a driver I feel nervous because I am going to interview her, stay calm. So it’s a heavyweight that I have to face at the table, no more, no less. I am happy as a granddaughter that my grandmother can come to your program… We leave our emotions for later, ”she said, noticing that her voice broke.

Juana looked splendid as always. She wore a Gino Bogani dress with a design with a carved and worked organza train. The skirt has irregular movements, in the front a deep neckline and the completely exposed back with ruffles. To complete the look, she chose jewelry. The hairstyle chosen for this special edition: a high updo with a parting in the middle.

In the second block of the program, when the rating marked 10.2 for the El Trece program, Mirtha Legrand made her long-awaited presentation. First she took her granddaughter by the hand and blew kisses in the distance for those in the studio, who received her shouting “Chiquita! Chiquita! ” She, very sensitive, said: “How are you, ladies and gentlemen? How are they? What a beautiful lap, what a marvel ”.

Looking her granddaughter in the eye, she said: “Who would have said, when you were little, that we were going to be together? I want to congratulate you because what you have done is wonderful, Juana ”.

Mirtha wore a French blue bodice dress with hand-embroidered stones by designer Claudio Cosano. Black drop earrings, a diamond bracelet and silver rings with black stones.

So that the return could happen, A strict protocol was respected to reduce the risks of contagion. “The main thing is to keep the Mirtha bubble. She decided to take this risk, but we are going to give her all the guarantees so that she is safe, “she assured Teleshow the production of the program.

Chiquita She left her house completely ready this noon to record the show. Her hairstyle and makeup was in charge of Lía Sánchez and Gladis Andrade, her longtime stylists. He entered the Estudio Mayor, from where the cycle is broadcast, inside his own car, and wore gloves and a chinstrap, as well as glasses, to protect himself from the virus. Upon reaching her regular dressing room, she was greeted to applause and a standing ovation from her production team, cleaning staff, and security.

The dressing room was properly disinfected, to be able to change before starting the program. On the other hand, it was decided to swab all the people who, for technical reasons, should have close contact with Mirtha. And the number of people who can enter the place will be limited, precisely, to take care of it accordingly.

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