Mirtha Legrand criticized the National Government for its handling of the pandemic: “The measures they took were terrible”


After being away from television for nine months for the first time in the 52 years her show has run, Mirtha Legrand He sat down at his historic table again. He did it in a special edition of The Night of Mirtha that he recorded this afternoon with his granddaughter, Juana Viale, the one in charge of replacing it since before the beginning of the mandatory quarantine in Argentina.

Once the program was over, Mirtha stayed a few more minutes at her table and, respecting social distance, answered some questions to the journalists who came to the Estudio Mayor, where the ElTrece cycle is recorded. True to her style and without mincing words, the driver referred to her intentions to apply the vaccine and to the handling that the National Government made of the pandemic and also expressed her grief over the death of Diego Maradona.

When asked if she intends to get vaccinated, Mirtha replied: “If they give us the assurance that it does not hurt… I am a woman in a risk group, I am much more than 60 years old. So, someone has to assure me that they will not hurt me. I preferred the Pfizer”. These statements of the Chiqui They take place amid the controversy that was generated in recent days as a result of the fact that it came to light that the Sputnik V vaccine (the National Government signed a contract for 15 million doses of it) was not yet approved to be applied in people of that age. In that sense, the diva was asked for her opinion about the measures taken by the government of Alberto Fernandez during the pandemic. “Lousy”, He limited himself to answering the Chiqui.

On the other hand, Mirtha referred to another of the relevant events that have taken place during his absence from the program: the death of Maradona. “I cried, it was a huge sadness. I think it was not cared for as it should. He was careless, no one took care of him. He was a man who was in very bad shape. I don’t know if they took enough care of him, I don’t think they were, I was very sorry … “

Mirtha Legrand arriving at the studio to record her return to television (Photo: Gustavo Gavotti)
Mirtha Legrand arriving at the studio to record her return to television (Photo: Gustavo Gavotti)

Then he related: “When I went to The Night of Ten (the program that Diego hosted in 2005 on the screen of El Trece), he gave me some precious silverware that looked like gold, a beauty. I called her to Claudia Villafañe, I said ‘I have the silverware’ and he was excited. It seems to me that she had bought them for me, that she was the producer of the program. Much sadness … I was sorry for the wake”.

So that Mirtha’s return to television could be possible, a strict protocol was respected in order to reduce the risks of contagion. “The main thing is to keep the Mirtha bubble. She decided to take this risk, but we are going to give her all the guarantees so that she is safe, “she assured Teleshow the production of the program.

Chiquita She left her house completely ready this noon to record the show. Her hairstyle and makeup was in charge of Lia Sanchez and Gladis andrade, your usual stylists. He entered the Estudio Mayor, from where the cycle is broadcast, inside his own car, and wore gloves and a chinstrap, as well as glasses, to protect himself from the virus. Upon reaching her regular dressing room, she was greeted to applause and a standing ovation from her production team, cleaning staff, and security.

The dressing room was properly disinfected, so she could change before starting the program. On the other hand, it was decided to swab all the people who, for technical reasons, should have close contact with Mirtha. And the number of people who could enter the place was limited, precisely, to take care of it accordingly. The diva wore a design of Claudio Cosano, who sent her four wardrobe options for the diva to choose. AND Juana, meanwhile, led a creation of Gino Bogani.


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