Minnesota bar sued by state over indoor dining refuses to close

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A restaurant in Minnesota is being sued by the state for violating coronovirus restrictions and forbidden to stop an in-dining operation.

State Attorney General Keith Ellison on Thursday announced a motion for a temporary restriction order against Elibi Drinkery in Lakeville to force him to close. Under an initial executive order by Tim Walz issued in November, the restaurant and bar were forced to discontinue indoor service from Friday amid an increase in COVID-19 cases.

On Wednesday, the mandate was extended to 10 January.

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Ellison said in a statement on Thursday, “The immediate and irreparable injury will result if the state is required to wait until the alibi drinker can be heard in full opposition to the state’s request for temporary injunction relief is.”

The establishment’s co-owner Lisa Cerza did not respond to Globe Live Media’ messages nor call the restaurant.

In court documents, Ellison told local media outlets citing Zarza’s statements that she intended to remain open despite protocols and photos of the restaurant not showing masks inside the crowd. She said in a media interview she was asked what she would do if state officials asked her to shut down.

According to the documents, Zerza said, “You know what we know? We’ll see them in court.”

“I put a fat calf on our back for a big reason because I know they are going to come after every trade and I wanted to make sure that thousands of my supporters were here showing us that they were ours Support, “she told NBC TV station in Minneapolis, CA.

On Thursday, the installation’s Facebook page posted: “Open Today. Food and drink came in!”

Minnesota's Attorney General Keith Ellison is asking a court to force a restaurant to close because its owners continue to ban indoor service.

Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison is asking a court to force a restaurant to close because its owners continue to ban indoor service.
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The lawsuit comes after Wednesday’s announcement by the Department of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement that it intends to suspend liquor licenses for Allie Drinkery and neighbors for 60 days at a rum restaurant in Princeton, pending a hearing.

Ellison said the Princeton restaurant has closed voluntarily and is complying with an executive order after being sued by the state on Thursday.

“I am happy to see that more and more restaurants are accepting their responsibility to keep Minnesotans safe and comply with the executive order,” he said. “We will remain accountable to those who insist on violating the order and endangering the lives of our customers, employees and communities.”

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