Mayor of Cali decrees total quarantine from January 15

Mayor of Cali decrees total quarantine from January 15

The mayor of Cali decrees quarantine for the weekend of January 15 to 18. Credit @AlcaldiaDeCali

On a Facebook Live, which aired in the late hours of January 13, Jorge Ivan Ospina decreed a permanent quarantine in the city of Cali from Friday 15 from 7:00 pm, until Monday 18 at 5:00 am

“We want our people to be in a quarantine, in a confinement, in an intimate reflection in their homes, in a due protection”he said in the transmission.

The president justified his decision based on criteria such as the occupation of the ICUs and the consequences that this would bring for the people of Cali: “I cannot carry my thought that being able to take a measure, the overflow of the ICU occupation is had and people die for lack of attention”.

He also stated that the decree will be issued on the morning of January 14; it will specify the exceptions that the measure will have.

But there will be some freedom of mobility, linked to the purchase of food, as he advanced in his speech: “People can go out to advance the supply of their home, to the extent that only one person per family goes, respecting the peak and pertinent card. People can carry out the activities of buying medicines, but what we will not be able to have are commercial activities that can wait three days to develop: you can wait three days for the acquisition of a wardrobe, or for the acquisition of any other item and we need all of us to be calm ”.

Taking into account the inconveniences that the measure will bring to the commercial sector, hit by the economic crisis and the closures in the capitals of Colombia, Ospina will try “Convince, seduce, all the lords of commerce, shopping centers, factories, that please understand this clamor that is advancing and understand the need for this isolation, this quarantine, this decision”.

He stressed that the quarantine will cover the operation of the Mayor’s Office, the Municipal Companies of Cali and the different institutions of the city will respect the restriction.

With this measure, Cali joins Bogotá and Antioquia in the total quarantine of the third week of January, with the purpose of stopping the increase in cases and the collapse of ICUs.

Along with this measure, the Prohibition Law is maintained. This is the second city that joins the capital of the republic in adopting extreme measures to stop the “second peak” of the pandemic.

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