Mass Effect – The 5 Scenes That Changed Urdnot Wrex’s Life Forever

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During the Mass Effect series, Urdot Wrex had faith in his people, lost it, then raised hopes for the future once again.

In mass Effect The series does not bode well at all in the Galactic community. The old wounds are still dying, and the old Kuhq is kept alive, where the Krogan people are often worried. He launched and lost to the Krogan rebels, then faced a massacre. Most of Krogan feels nothing but despair, and for a time, Urdont Vaux felt the same. But Asha does not die so easily.

Wrex fought as a mercenary fighter for many years until he met the first human specter, Shepard. From there, his life path changed for the better. Wrex’s friendship with Shepard had an impact on the entire galaxy, and a few moments of Wrex’s life clearly illustrate this.

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When his father ruled him

Long before Commander Shepard was born, Wex Krogan was living in the homeworld Tuchanka. Nevertheless, he was a visionary with bold ideas. He did not like to fight just for glory and entertainment; He admitted that a break from violence was needed to make Krogan back himself. His father, Jarrod, felt the opposite way, and they ended the meeting in Halo to have a conversation. They each made their case, but the words were nowhere to be found.

Then, the people of Jarod ambush Wrex and his followers, killing them all except for Wrex himself, and making it clear that diplomacy will get Wrex nowhere. Vex stabbed and killed Jarod in retaliation, then defeated Tuchanka. This was the beginning of his disappointment, and it set him on the way to meet Shepard someday.

Rejecting Sarin’s Genophase Cure

In 2183, Wrex joined the crew of Commander Shepard aboard the SSV Normandy. When the team landed on Vermayer and discovered Saren’s base there, Wrex received a new mission priority: getting the Genopase cure that Saren had synthesized. Problem: Sarin was using that treatment to breed cloned Krogan soldiers as disposable shock troops for his own means. There were a lot of strings attached in that treatment, and an emotional Wrex was talked about trying to get it for himself. This marked the beginning of Wrex’s sincere hope for the future, as well as the realization that he would have to rescue the Krogan people in honest ways, not with a convenient (and loaded) genophage cure. It was time for Vex to take a hands-on role in shaping the Krogan future.

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Launch their integration plan

By late 2183, Urdot Wrex retired to Normandy and went back home, his mind buzzing with new ideas. He had seen Shepard’s courage and optimism in action, and if Shepard could save the entire galaxy from Sarene Arterius and Sovereign, Wrex could at least save his people. On Tuchanca, he undertook an unprecedented campaign to reconnect the feudal Krogan clans under the banner of the Urdot clan.

By 2185, things had proceeded in Vex’s own words, better than he anticipated, and worse than he hoped. Obstacles remained, such as the conservative clan Gattog and the skiing clan Weirloch, but progress was being made, and more and more Krogan was signing (by Krogan standards) the radical idea. This prepared the ground for coming within the next year.

Shepard’s help shroud secure

In 2186, the Reaper fleet was attacking the galaxy with full force, and even Tuchanka was under siege. Dr. Wrex Mordin Solus was asked to get the last fertile female Krogan named Burke from Suresh and synthesize a genophase cure, and in no time, the cure was ready. It was diffuse, however, and the shroud complex would be a good emitter. However, it was protected by the Reaper forces, so Vex bravely led his men to keep them busy so that Shepard and Mordine could complete the mission. It was a success, and Wrex’s battlefield heroes ensured that the genophase cure could be delivered. Wrex and his colleagues looked on in wonder as the treatment scattered over Tuchanka like a storm. At that moment, Vex had saved his people – but he still needed leadership.

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When he became leader of the United Krogan with Bakra

Now, Croghan was free of genophases, but there was still a war going on and the remaining logical problems. Wex was also ready for this. Unlike Urdot Grunt, Wrex had centuries of experience with the Krogan clan politics and Galactic politics overall. He, combined with his legendary status among the Krogan, meant that he became the leader of his reunion race.

Wrex’s dominance won over many more skeptical clans, and what’s more, the goat was also willing to help. The goat became a queen of sorts, using her charisma and negotiating skills to strengthen temporary relationships between the Kara people. Sarlon runs the mill for Krogan, so a powerful woman in charge would be something historical that no Krogan would want to miss.

Together, Wrex and Bakara allow Krogan to re-enter the galactic phase properly, and Wrex begins negotiations with the council for new territory to expand their race in the near future. And, of course, Wrex also spent this time preparing his warriors to support the Turies on the besieged Palven, and to strengthen the alliance against the Reapers on Earth. No other Krogan commander could pull off those campaigns.

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