Marvel’s Man-Thing Gets New Series, Variant Covers for 50th Anniversary

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To celebrate 50 years of Man-Thing, Marvel Comics has announced a new series with other titles covering the character, plus the Man-Thing variant.

The following year, Marvel Comics celebrated 50 years of Man-Thing by giving the infamous swamp monster a new series, not to mention a collection of Man-Thing-themed editions for various other titles.

Produced by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and Gray Morrow, Man-Thing first appeared in the 1971s Savage Tales # 1. Written by Steve Orlando (Amazing woman, Martian manhunter) And illustrated by Francesco Mobili (Old Man Hawke, Symbiote spider man), Avengers: curse of the man-thing Is set to launch in March of 2021 with the # 1 mark. “For decades, Man-Thing has harassed Florida’s Hegolds. Now a new enemy has hijacked his body to take his incendiary abilities to a global level,” the comic’s official synopsis. Reads.

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“The Marvel Universe wakes up to fear as dangerous monoliths threaten cities around the world, with only the Avengers standing in between Earth’s population and a planet,” it continues. “Can they save the Man-Thing in time to extinguish the fire? And does the man want to save the thing inside Ted Salis as well? All this plus is a sensational new villain devised by Marvel’s Stormbreaker Carmeno in an exciting opening for readers. Looks forward to. The story that will set off an unforgettable journey for the Man-Thing and your favorite Marvel heroes, including the X-Men, Spider-Man and more! “

Avengers: curse of the man thing Marks Orlando’s first Marvel project, featuring DC Comics in the author’s previous work. “It’s a great honor to be asked to make his debut as a character’s anniversary,” Orlando said of Bloody Disgusting. “There’s an incredible amount of faith and opportunity there, and it’s something I never take lightly for! It’s amazingly amazing to welcome Marvel and tell this Nailbitter of a story that will make people Is going to remind him how unique Man is. He. ” The readers and villains alike must be in a better position than before to shrug and intimidate, but first he must avoid an attack that bites him to his core and amazes the Marvel Universe. “

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“If you like super heroes and the supernatural, you’ll love this high octane celebration of one of Marvel’s weirdest characters,” editor Mark Panicia. “It feels like its big event. And Steve’s epic story will reveal, among other things, an unexpected new dimension of Marvel.”

In addition to the series itself, House of Ideas is incorporating a variety of covers featuring its other heroes through its own Man-Thing transformations. Titles that receive these variants include the amazing Spider Man # 62 (Greg Land), Captain marvel # 27 (Bernard Chang), The champions # 5 (Sara Picelli), brave # 28 (Ray-Anthony Height), Fantastic Four # 30 (Daniel Acuna), Guardians of the Galaxy # 12 (Meghan Hetrick), Miles Morales: Spider Man # 24 (Ken Lashley) and Poison # 34 (Superlog).

Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Francesco Mobili with cover by Daniel Acuna Avengers: curse of the man-thing # 1 March 2021 goes on sale from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting via Marvel

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