Maruti Suzuki Swift continues to rule Indian Automotive Industry

Maruti Suzuki Swift continues to rule Indian Automotive Industry

Maruti Suzuki Swift continues to rule Indian Automotive Industry

There used to be a time when Maruti’s 800 model car used to be seen in every street and highway in the Country, a middle class family car that could easily be afforded was the Maruti 800, but as time passed and India’s Economic situation got stronger, the people of India began to rise above Maruti 800 and started looking for more expensive cars.

But even then, the families of India did not yet find their favorite family car, they would buy one car sometimes, and another car sometimes. Then, one day the Maruti company launched a car called ‘Swift’, and shortly after its launch, this car revolutionized India’s car market, from its design to its price, the public of India got their hearts attached to this Car and this car became India’s first family car, India’s very own family car.

Since then, Maruti Suzuki Swift has been ruling the hearts of India, no other car has been able to replace the Maruti Swift till date.
Let us tell you that when Maruti Suzuki Swift started to rule the hearts of everyone in India, shortly after that, Maruti Suzuki launched an upgraded version of Swift, named ‘Swift Dezire’, which is today known as Maruti Suzuki Dezire.

The Maruti Suzuki dezire is an upgraded sedan model of the Swift car and is also a little expensive, but people love it.
Talking about the official car sales record of last month, Maruti Dezire is the fifth best selling car.

Let’s now come back to Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift, as always, has a strong hold in India’s automotive market. Like every month, last month of October was dedicated to Swift as well, maruti swift sold the most cars in India in last month of October. According to the official Automobile sales data, the Maruti Swift sold a total of 24,589 cars in October, and remained the number one car in India’s automotive world as usual.

Let us tell you that not only Swift, other cars of Maruti Suzuki are also ruling in India’s automotive industry. After Swift, Maruti’s Baleno, Wagon R, Alto, and Dezire are among the top selling cars in India. Looking at the data, it seems that Maruti Suzuki will rule India’s automotive market for at least 10 more years.

Here is the data of Top 10 most selling Cars in India in October 2020:

Maruti Suzuki Swift sold 24,589 cars

Maruti Baleno sold 21,971 cars

Maruti Wagon R sold 18,700 cars

Maruti Alto sold 17,850 cars

Maruti Dezire sold 17,675 cars

Hyundai Creta sold 14,023 cars

Hyundai i10 Grand sold 14,000 cars

Maruti Eeco sold 13,309 cars

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza sold 12,087 cars

Kia Sonet sold 11,721 cars


As We can see, Maruti is clearly ruling the Indian Automotive Industry with highest number of Automotive Vehicles sold.