Mapi León explodes due to the absence of VAR in the women’s Super Cup

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“I speak today because I am already tired … It is not a destructive criticism, but a constructive one, I simply want our effort to be valued”Mapi León said yesterday on his official Twitter profile after the elimination of Barcelona at the hands of Atlético in the second semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup. The Barcelona central showed great anger at the two possible penalties not awarded in his favor, one by hand within the area and another by Meseguer on Alexia Putellas, and alluded to the lack of VAR in the women’s competition, something that the men’s Super Cup does have.

Mapi León began her complaint by retweeting and citing the videos of the two controversial actions. Have we had to put them in and we have not? Yes. But this topic should be greatly improved as well “He said in his message to accompany the images.

Soon the message received a large number of interactions, with responses from the Atlético and Barcelona fans, and the defense had to go out of their way to clarify their complaint, which was referring to the lack of video refereeing in an important competition, which in its male version does..

“You have to go beyond the tweet itself. I believe and correct me if I’m wrong that we (and I am talking about women’s football) strive and work hard to continue growing. One day the mistakes will favor the rival and another day they will favor me, but this doesn’t help us. I personally am a very ambitious person and what I want is to surround myself with the best so that it makes me better, and so on with everything. I speak today because I am already tired … it is not a destructive criticism, but a constructive one, I simply want our effort to be valued“, explained the Barça central in a thread that ended with a clear allusion to the lack of VAR in women’s football: “I’m not saying it’s easy for them – the referees – but that’s why the male have VAR, to help, right?”.

It is not the first time that a player has complained about the absence of this technology in women’s competitions. Irene Paredes, captain of the Spanish National Team and PSG, already did it during the final phase of the Champions League held last summer: “I don’t understand why there is no VAR in the Women’s Champions League. It is part of discrimination, I say it like this and I am not going to hide. If we want equality, this has to be equality. “

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