Manteros cut the Sarmiento Train tracks to protest against the operations of the Buenos Aires government

Manteros cut the Sarmiento Train tracks to protest against the operations of the Buenos Aires government

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The manteros moved the protest to the Sarmiento Train tracks 

A group of street vendors and manteros They lead from early a protest in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores in a claim against the Buenos Aires Government and the City Police by the operatives to evict them and prevent street vending.

Around 10 in the morning, the group of protesters who had initially cut off traffic at the intersection of Nazca and Avellaneda avenues -in the area where they usually settle to sell their products- moved to the Nazca and Yerbal level crossing at Flores station and interrupted the Sarmiento Train that circulates there. The line now runs with reduced service between Moreno and Liniers stations.

Under the slogan “We want to work”, vendors announced that they will continue the protest on the tracks, despite the fact that they cleared the way for two formations that were detained in that place, and then they will return to the corner of Nazca and Avellaneda to continue with their claim.

In recent days, the Buenos Aires security force carried out a strong operation to evict street vendors on Avellaneda, Bogotá, Cuenca, Argerich and Aranguren streets in conjunction with agents of the Government Control Agency (AGC).

In this context, the City Government ordered “Reinforce the police presence with street personnel, prevention agents and AGC personnel to avoid the installation of manteros on public roads.”

Through a communiqué, the Federation of Commerce of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Fecoba) expressed its support for the operation last week. In the text, the agency considered that “illegal sale has an unworthy face, since Behind an illegal salesman who works on a blanket, there is a mafia organization that takes advantage of his need to work to exploit it under systems of slave labor and human trafficking ”.

“These organizations not only harm merchants, but the community as a whole, generating violence, smuggling, unfair competition, corruption and fraud against the treasury”they concluded.

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