Youtuber Rix arrested for Rape, he was accused of abuse by Nath Campos

Youtuber Rix arrested for Rape, he was accused of abuse by Nath Campos

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City announced the arrest of youtuber Ricardo “N”, known as Rix on the platform for attempted rape, a few weeks after he was publicly denounced by Nath Campos, another content creator.

In an official statement it was announced that Investigative Police Agents (PDI) admitted him to the East Men’s Preventive Prison to make him available to a judge for the probable commission of a crime that took place in 2017 against a woman who reported him to the Office of the Prosecutor for Investigation of Sex Crimes.

After the accusation and the corresponding legal processes, the prosecution located and apprehended the youtuber in the Coyoacán mayoralty of Mexico City.

The FGR reiterated its commitment to victims affected by gender violence and recalled that the defendant maintains his presumption of innocence until his responsibility is declared with a sentence.

The arrest takes place just over a month after Nath Campos, also youtuber, turned on social networks for narrating the sexual abuse he suffered by Rix.

“I remember that we arrived at my building and that Rix, one of the friends who was accompanying me that night, offered to take me up.”

“I couldn’t walk well I was in a pretty heavy state, my other friends left and the other things I remember that night is walking into my apartment, thinking that I was already at my house, thinking that Rix was already going to go, going inside to my room like taking off my jumper and getting into bed like going to sleep and the next thing I remember is Rix doing things to me while I was sleeping. The influencer recalled in the video she shared on YouTube.

During her testimony, Campos showed the complaint she had filed with the prosecution against her attacker.

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