Why education is important and what happened to the pandemic

Why education is important and what happened to the pandemic

The dynamics of any family requires routines and customs to be able to have a daily life as predictable and orderly as possible.

Societies were changing and the old scheme that dictated that “dad goes to work and mom stays at home” is now out of date.

Today in almost all families, mothers and fathers have an active role in the world of work. It is a reality that cuts across all social classes.

The education of girls and boys is a shared task between families and the school.

Last year the pandemic made classes take place virtually. And beyond the evaluation of the impact that this had on the pedagogical and psychological dimension, it was a very big effort for families and teachers. It was mobilizing to see the predisposition to try to naturalize a logic that was very far from everyone’s possibilities and in such a short time. In this sense, we have to thank the entire educational community: mothers, fathers, teachers and directors of public and private schools.

On the other hand, we can’t help but say that Despite the enormous will, we were left with the bitter taste of knowing that ground was lost in education. And not because of the teachers’ lack of commitment, on the contrary, it would have been even worse without the love and dedication they put into it. It was not a normal year.

The structuring of the daily life of any family assumes that children go to school. It is the starting point. It orders and is the basis of progress. Without that possibility it is very difficult to do everything else.

For all this, I am convinced that education is essential because it is the only possibility of having a better future for girls, boys and young people, who are the ones we must work for. Face-to-face education orders our daily lives in order to develop today.

It is not an easy task, but we have the obligation as a society and as a government to return to giving families a daily life as normal as possible. Taking care of health in a comprehensive way: thinking about the pandemic and also about the psychological and emotional dimension of all.

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