What is known about the marriage of Andrés Roemer and Pamela Cortés

What We know about the marriage of Andrés Roemer and Pamela Cortés

As for Pamela, she has told in her social networks that Andrés is her ideal man since he has the following qualities: “Extremely intelligent, fascinating, ‘self-made’, intense, passionate, lover of culture, cinema, art and crazy life. Divorced, already with children (wonderful and who love me), atheist, liberal.”

“An absolute character. Someone who would make me grow and learn every day. The fortune of having found you is immeasurable, as well as the illusion to build a future by your side”.

Another thing she likes is that he supports her in her decision not to want to have children. Roemer is already the father of Valeria and twins Alejandro and David.

Roemer told the Herald about his wife: “I like everything about Pamela. My time comes alive with her. I love how she is and not only with me, but with all the people around her, and with my children. She says she learns from me, but I say otherwise. I learn from her, without a doubt. When I write, when I’m finishing a book or finishing a project, the best ideas always come from her.”

In 2019, the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary, which they celebrated with a surprise trip to Yucatán, organized by Pamela.

“Exactly one year ago I became Mrs. Roemer, by far the happiest day of my life. It has been a magical, intense, fascinating return to the sun, which ended up exceeding all my expectations about marriage; mainly, because the love between Andrés and I cannot be described as a fairy tale”.

“We belong more to the section of Bonnie and Clyde, Mickey and Mallory, Harold and Maude: a couple of crazy people, two antiheroes, accomplices of adventures; with the fortune to have found each other because of so imperfect, we are perfect for each other.”

“Anyway, I wanted to invite him on a surprise trip for our anniversary and well, my budget was not enough for an exotic destination, but I was able to bring him to Coqui Coqui in Cobá,” she added.

That same year, the Twitter account Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas published another (anonymous) complaint against Roemer, noting that the now former Unesco Goodwill Ambassador took the survivor, with lies, to his home where he forced her to have sex.

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