We spoke with a survivor of Andrés Roemer’s sexual violence

We spoke with a survivor of Andrés Roemer’s sexual violence

At that time Fernada, she assured, was paralyzed by fear and when she tried to leave Roemer insisted that she stay and assured her that “I shouldn’t worry because she has an open relationship with Pamela (they don’t live together).” Again he expressed his discomfort and wanted to avoid further offers by telling him that the meeting was only for work.

Once again she tried to leave the place, but he stopped her. “Then he knelt in front of me, took out his penis and began to masturbate, at that point all I saw was the wall, so as not to observe what was happening. I was very clear all the time that he could not touch me, I threatened to yell at him and he only asked me to let him come closer, “he said.

Things escalated so that Fernanda felt even more afraid: “He tried to throw me down, I put my knees in and told him: ‘Andrés I’m going to scream’, because his daughter was upstairs. When he took off and I was able to leave, he caught up with me in the door and offered me 300 thousand pesos in cash to have sex and I answered that not for three million. ”

Upon arriving home, Fernanda discovered that due to the state of shock in which she was, she did not realize that at some point Roemer put 50 thousand pesos in her bag. The next day, when the former Mexican consul in San Francisco insisted on seeing her, she decided to return the money to him in Uber and asked that all communication be through his wife.

The last message he received from Andrés was a request that he not tell anything about what happened and he explained that he hoped he would not disappoint the trust he had in him. At that point in the call, the survivor wanted to explain why she did not leave Romer’s home immediately and did not report him.

“Yes I thought, the truth is, that he was going to rape me, I panicked, the fear is stronger than you, you don’t know what is happening to you, if it is really happening or you are exaggerating because we bring a culture that even made me question myself for a long time if it had been my fault, I did not report it for fear of Andres’ reprisals.

“I was very disappointed in myself, for not having reacted better to the situation,” he added. He also avoided proceeding legally because the friend who introduced him to Andrés downplayed him and told him that “I wasn’t good enough to have a sugar daddy“In his environment, the machismo still present in our culture won.


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