Vallenato singer Jorge Oñate died after a month of Covid-19 fight

Vallenato singer Jorge Oñate died after a month of Covid-19 fight

Although the renowned Vallenato singer Jorge Oñate had been able to overcome covid-19, other conditions such as pancreatitis that had to be treated in Medellín (Antioquia), where he was transferred to emergency this week, ended up triggering his death, which was confirmed in the early hours of Sunday.

‘El Jilguero de América’ was going through a complicated health situation after he was infected in mid-January with the new coronavirus sars-cov-2, as reported in the Barranquillero newspaper El Heraldo.

In Valledupar, Oñate was referred to the Cesar Cardiovascular Institute on January 18 due to respiratory conditions and a kidney infection, but 4 days later he ended up in the intensive care unit of that hospital, when he was diagnosed with covid-19, They also recalled in the Caribbean newspaper.

In that ICU he remained intubated and supervised by specialists, where he managed to overcome the disease caused by the new coronavirus, but after leaving that unit the artist suffered pancreatitis, for which he was transferred to the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, last 23 February.

As reported in the newspaper El Tiempo in Bogotá, this weekend would be crucial for Oñate’s recovery, after a surgical intervention for his pancreatitis, in order to drain fluids that would affect the teacher’s health.

“His condition continues to be critical, he maintains a very reserved prognosis, he has been inflamed, he continues to need a lot of medicine,” a close friend of the artist assured in that newspaper.

In fact, ‘El Jilguero’ required blood transfusions for his recovery, after all the medical interventions he had to undergo.

“At this point the process of his disease has been complicated, he presents alterations in his coagulation mechanism, which hinders some medical processes that he requires,” said the artist’s close friend in El Tiempo.

For this reason, his general manager José Eduardo el ‘mono’ Romero asked the artist’s followers for A + blood donations, who arrived en masse at the Pablo Tobón hospital.

Despite these efforts, the vallenato artist failed to recover and passed away around midnight on Saturday.

According to information from the RCN channel, it was the teacher’s own son, Jorge Antonio Oñate, who confirmed the death of the artist on his Instagram account. “Speechless. Thanks Dad. Thank you God ”, he published on the social network.

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