The California Davis University of U.S is offering money to its students in exchange for their commitment not to travel during the spring break, known as “spring break”, and thus not contribute to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Those in charge of the educational center encourage students from social networks to apply for the “Spring Break Scholarship”, endowed with $ 75 per head to spend on local businesses and thus also help the recovery of the local economy.

In return, students must promise not to leave Davis Township, California during spring break at the end of March, submit a description of their plans for those days (March 20-24), and make an appointment to a test of COVID-19.

“At the moment, the interest on the part of the students is being incredible”, indicated from the university, and recalled that the “scholarships” will be automatically awarded to the first 750 applicants who meet all the requirements.

UC Davis wants to avoid repeating scenes like those of last year at the end of March, when, just a few days after cities and states across the country enacted the most severe lockdown measures the United States has ever experienced. Images of college students in large groups, drinking and enjoying the beach in Florida and other sunny destinations, appeared in the media and social networks.

In more recent months, there have been outbreaks of COVID-19 on college campuses across the United States, one of them last fall at UC Berkeley, near Davis and part of the same educational institution.

Yolo County, where Davis University is located, is currently classified as a “substantial risk of contagion” by the state, with between 5 and 8% of tests of COVID-19 positives and various restrictions on businesses operating in enclosed spaces.

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