Hackers often set their sights on what has the most users. Here we can certainly put WhatsApp. It is one of the instant messaging platforms with the most users worldwide. Now they use a new threat, a new malware, to control the session of the victims. It is specifically malicious software that impersonates Netflix and is actually used to hijack the WhatsApp application .

They use a fake Netflix program to control WhatsApp

There are many strategies that cybercriminals can use to carry out their attacks and steal information. However, one of the most common, one of the most used, is to use malicious software that pretends to be legitimate and thus infect the victim’s system.

In this case, the strategy consists of using a supposed Netflix program for Android that promises a free subscription for the popular platform to watch series and movies in Streaming. Obviously it is a scam and it simply looks for a way to sneak into the device.

Once the victim downloads and installs this malicious software, called FlixOnline , what the malware does is target the WhatsApp application. Attackers take advantage of the rise of platforms such as Netflix to attract the attention of victims and end up installing the program.

What this program basically does is control WhatsApp . You can read all the conversations and even reply automatically. In those messages it will send malicious content to spread its attacks to new victims.

When the victim installs the application, they request permissions that are necessary to gain control. In addition, it avoids automatic closing to save energy and is constantly active. Logically the fact that it sends messages automatically is a major problem. In addition, the next victim will receive that message from someone on their agenda, possibly a friend or family member, so they are more likely to trust and end up downloading the malware.

This malicious program promises two free months of Netflix Premium. The worst of all this is that it has been found on Google Play. He uses that bait to try to get the victims to install it and thus achieve his goal.

How to avoid being victims of these types of threats

The main thing is undoubtedly going to be common sense . We must avoid all kinds of programs of this type that promise suspicious benefits. It is true that in this case it was in the official Android store, but an essential advice is not to download programs from third-party sites and in case of doing it from official sites we must make sure very well of the permissions we grant, the score, possible evaluations from other users, what it looks like… It is important to detect scams on the Internet .

In addition, another important recommendation is to always have security tools installed . A good antivirus can help prevent malware from entering our computers. We have many options at our disposal, both free and paid. We must always have software to protect us.

On the other hand, another important issue is to constantly update our devices. In this way we can correct possible vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers. We must have the latest patches.

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