They seize 50 kilos of cocaine with the stamp 'CR7'

They Seize 50 kilos of Cocaine with the Stamp ‘CR7’

On March 29, the New York police carried out an anti-drug operation, which resulted in the arrest of two traffickers and the seizure of a weapon, $200,000 in cash and 50 packages of cocaine.

However, the protagonism of the operation has not been taken by these traffickers but the drug they distributed and nicknamed Cristiano Ronaldo for reasons that have not transpired but have given cause to speak.

The ‘CR7’ logo appeared on all packages

The Portuguese brand is known worldwide not only for his career as a footballer but also for being the champion of the thousands of products sold by Cristiano Ronaldo in his business life.

The ‘CR7’ logo usually monopolizes all the prominence of its colonies and underwear products, although we could not have imagined that some traffickers supplanted its seal to distribute drugs in the United States.

“In the apartment, 50 intact packages of cocaine with the stamp ‘CR7’ were found, which were in the closet. CR7 is the alias of the popular Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo,” said the statement from the Narcotics Office of the New Prosecutor’s Office after the operation.

In addition to the seizure of the drug, two traffickers identified as Christopher Jones and Wykim Williams were arrested, who were in this luxury apartment located in the Jamaica neighborhood, in the district of Queens.

According to the police sources, this residence could have been used by these drug traffickers to do it on a large scale, since in it they found money counting machines and vacuum-packed bags.

The prosecutor of the operation, Bridget Brennan, acknowledged that the seizure of cocaine reached a value of two million dollars having found a total of 50 kilos of cocaine.

It is not the first time that the name of Cristiano Ronaldo has been unfortunately involved in a drug case, since on November 26 the Nicaraguan Army Naval Force also seized 340 packages of this cocaine. In operation, they also found the ‘CR7’ stamp on most of these packages.

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