The US re-grants visas for different categories of travel

The US re-grants visas for different categories of travel

The US is once again granting visas for different categories of travel. (Photo: Cuban newspaper)

The suspension of issuance of visas to travel to the United States in different categories that President Donald Trump had signed months before leaving the White House expired on March 31, for which the State Department warned about the reinstatement of these visas.

A document dated by the agency directed by Antony Blinken and entitled “Update of Presidential Proclamation 10052”, explains how the H-1B, H-2B, J (for certain categories within the Exchange Visitor Program) and L visas non-immigrants, I can return to do granted.

Citizens who initiated this type of procedure just at the time of being detained due to the coronavirus will have priority either to schedule their appointment at the US consulates and embassies in the world or to make an appointment, although the note clarifies that this will be done depending on “the gradual resumption” of activities in each of the US diplomatic missions abroad.

In the specific case of those applicants who were denied a visa, they may re-submit a new application, paying the required fee or fee again.

Interested citizens are advised to check the website of the nearest US embassy or consulate for updates on the services they are currently offering.

US Embassy in Cuba remains closed and only attends emergencies

The US embassy in Cuba remains closed for routine procedures and only attends to emergency cases. This situation has been going on for months as the presence of US officials in Havana is minimal.

The diplomatic corps has been reduced in composition since the sonic attacks that the US government alleges were deliberately produced by the Cuban government against its diplomats.

Since then, Cubans who need to carry out procedures before US diplomats must do so before the US embassy in Guyana.

Cuba keeps flights to Guyana suspended

The Cuban government also included among its restrictions, due to the increase in positive cases of Covid-19, the flights between Guyana and the Island carried out by the Caribbean Airlines company.

Since January 1, arrivals of flights from the United States, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and The Bahamas decreased as a measure to try to reduce the contagion of this disease.

“Our commercial service to Havana, Cuba, is suspended with immediate effect until further notice,” says a statement from the company in response to instructions issued by the Cuban Civil Aeronautics Institute.