The mystery about the health of Miguel Bosé: a journalist assured that the singer prefers to hide

The mystery about the health of Miguel Bosé: a Journalist assured that the Singer prefers to hide

After keeping a low profile in recent weeks and with no activity on social networks and in front of the public, information is now coming to light that has set off alarms of concern about the health of Miguel BoséIt is reported that the Spanish singer has suffered deteriorating conditions to the degree of almost not being able to walk, a fact that has caused a stir in the media in his native country.

Just one day after Lola Medina, the mother of Ignacio Palau, Bosé’s ex-partner, revealed that her son is going through an unfortunate and painful moment in his life After the judge’s decision that made it official that the interpreter of the This world goes does not have the joint paternity that Palau claimed to be able to meet up with little Diego and Tadeo.

The aforementioned sons of Bosé live with him in Mexico, a country where the Spanish has settled, a fact that has generated a dispute on the part of Palau because the artist recognizes the paternity of the four children with whom he planned his “family project” with the sculptor so that the four boys can live together.

Nacho Palau, after his reunion in September with Miguel Bosé in court: "I just want the brothers to be together" (Photo: Europa Press)

Nacho Palau, after his reunion in September with Miguel Bosé in the courts: “I just want the brothers to be together” (Photo: Europa Press)

The rumor that the state of health of Miguel Bosé would be delicate takes force now after it’s been constant through the years, as some point out that the extreme thinness that the singer allegedly presented in the past should be cause for suspicion about his health.

The new rumor suggests that Miguel has decided to get away from everyone by secluded himself at his home in Mexico to avoid being captured by the press in what could be difficult moments for him.

This theory was exposed in the program Together, from Telemadrid, where in a remote intervention by journalist Alex Rodríguez, It was confirmed that there are versions that ensure that the singer could be suffering the attacks of an alleged illness, which would have led him to distance himself from the public and the media eye in order not to be caught in a state of vulnerability.

Miguel Bosé won the trial for the affiliation of his children to his former Nacho Palau (Photo: EFE)

Miguel Bosé won the trial for the affiliation of his children to his former Nacho Palau (Photo: EFE)

From Miami, Rodríguez expressed that “The truth is that the situation of Miguel Bosé is more and more alarming, especially because of what has been said in the press for some years. Especially in Mexico, journalists point out that he could have some type of degenerative disease ”.

The journalist stressed that Bosé’s reluctance to live with the press has prevented more accurate data on his state of health from being obtained. “The truth is that today talking to the singer, locating him, wondering if these rumors are true is quite complicated.”, He said and assured that Bosé has little social life in Mexico.

“He is a person who practically does not relate even to journalists, it is quite difficult to talk to him, it is true that he has very few friends and as a journalist told me, He is quite a sullen person with all his surroundings, he even distrusts them a lot ”.

In August 2020, Miguel Bosé called a massive rally in Plaza Colón, Madrid, to protest against the use of a face mask in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic (Video: Miguel Bosé)

Regarding the participation that Bosé had in the reality show Little gigants, Rodríguez commented that the controversial artist was not 100%.

He was the jury (…) the truth is that the images were quite tremendous, they gave a lot to talk about because he was seen a lot … in a situation where he could practically not say a word, despite being a jury he could practically not speak, he was a person who even had difficulty moving, the situation was quite serious, he was seen in a quite degenerative state, obviously that was when all the alarms went off ”.

Rodríguez assured that Mexican reporters have tried to inquire about the singer’s health without success at the moment: “The Mexican press has tried to ask his close friends, Sasha and Rebecca de Alba,” he said.

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