The Google doodle announcing the Spring equinox 2021

The Google doodle announcing the Spring equinox 2021

During the early hours of this Saturday March 20, will start the long-awaited phenomenon of the vernal equinox, so Google wowed with a colorful and floral doodle to commemorate the start of the new season.

This time, the famous search engine decided to create an interactive image representing a hedgehog full of flowers walking in a garden. The colorful plants, as well as the body of the animal represent the letters that make up the word ‘Google’.

It should be remembered that, according to the Institute of Astronomy (IA) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, around 03:00 in the morning -mexico central time- the first Equinox of 2021.

This is an astronomical phenomenon that will mark the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and it is one of the most special moments of the year, because the day and the night will have practically the same duration all over the world.

According to NASA, this event occurs when the sun is in the plane of the Earth’s equator, which means that the king star is positioned exactly on the imaginary line that separates the northern and southern hemispheres.

The above allows that, since the position of the sun is completely perpendicular, all parts of the planet receive the same amount of light and shadow during that day.

Every year there are two such events, one in March (between 19 and 20) and the other in September (between the 21st and the 24th), which is why they are called the spring and autumn equinox respectively.

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