The Fake PSG footballer who was about to play the Champions League

The Fake PSG footballer who was about to play the Champions League

The dream of every soccer player, professional or amateur is to be able to shine in the elite of the sport. Some of them dedicate hours of training to achieve their goals, and few manage to achieve it; Nevertheless, others use other means to be able to touch the sky, most of the time, without success.

That was the case with Gregoire Akcelrod, who stayed close to playing the Champions League with the CSKA Sofia, but that he was discovered ‘thanks’ to his false resume, in addition to the comments of the fans, before being signed by the Bulgarian club.

The Frenchman’s dream was always to be able to become a footballer, however his level, in his father’s words, was “very bad.” That does not stop your intentions, and managed to thicken the amateur squad of Paris Saint-Germain in the fifth division.

From then on, Akcelrod decided to create a better future based on lies. He created a fake website, in which he was referred to as a prominent element of the Parisian club affiliate, relying on real reports in which they spoke of what was achieved by attacker Nicols Anelka, and changing the name of the former Arsenal and Real Madrid player for his.


I did tests in clubs like Swindon, Norwich y Bournemouth, However, CSKA will be the one that will be able to contact you in 2009 to sign a contract, to reinforce its squad to participate in the Champions League.

In the words of Akcelrod himself to Daily Mail, he was close to being part of the CSKA professional team, however it was statements from PSG fans themselves that ended up throwing back their intentions.

“I did the test for two days and on Sunday the coach told my agent that he wanted to sign me. They took pictures of me wearing the official team jersey, I signed the contract, they posted on the CSKA website that I was signing. “

“But it was the PSG fans who destroyed me. Overnight, a CSKA Sofia fan contacted a PSG online forum and asked: “We are about to sign Greg Akcelrod, what do you think of him?”

“All the PSG fans didn’t know me. They said it was fake, they checked my website. But some of that was true, the video in Swindon, for example,” he mentioned in statements to Daily Mail.

His experience as a “professional” was limited minutes of practice play with the Swindon, plus two goals, one goal in a preseason game with the Bournemouth and a short stay in the Norwich reserves, leaving all of them due to poor performance.

After coming so close to being able to join the ranks of the Bulgarian club and fulfilling his dream of being a professional footballer, Akcelrod was dedicated to representing players, as well as helping young people to enter football academies.

Travis M. Andrews
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