Susana Dosamantes defended Paulina Rubio for selling video greetings and her words sounded indirect for Thalía

Susana Dosamantes defended Paulina Rubio for selling video greetings and her words sounded indirect for Thalía

Susana Dosamantes assured that Paulina Rubio is a single mother who brings up her children (Photo: Instagram @sdosamantesof) 

A few weeks ago, the fact that Paulina Rubio joined the fashion to which several public figures have already succumbed, it is the new business that consists of sending greetings to his followers through a video through an agreed payment.

And it is that after in recent months there has been a lot of speculation regarding the singer’s finances, since it is known that a period of time has passed without paying the taxes of her mansion in Miami, in addition to the expenses derived from the lawsuits legal claims against her former partners and parents of her children, the singer’s pocket has been thinning.

And although Paulina was the subject of comments and remarks by some people in the public, who criticized the fact that now the singer of Not a single word is available to send greetings By paying approximately 2,500 pesos, the interpreter continued promoting the service.

Paulina Rubio's finances have been compromised by expenses and debts (Photo: Instagram @paulinarubio)

Paulina Rubio’s finances have been compromised by expenses and debts (Photo: Instagram @paulinarubio) 

Now the call mom golden girl He was the one who defended his daughter from malicious comments and clarified the economic situation of the former Timbiriche, since admitted that the global financial recession resulting from the pandemic has affected his accountsHowever, he condemned the fact that Paulina was criticized, as he described her as a working woman who is looking for how to get ahead.

“I believe that all work that is honest is good, because since she is not a person who has married a billionaire or inherited millions of mine, we are working people like all of you, because we have to work. And I think it is commendable that he does something healthy, decent and correct, “Susana Dosamantes commented to reporters in statements taken up by various entertainment programs. “I am very sorry for the people who criticize: they must be millionaires and lie down scratching their guts,” he ironically.

Susana Dosamantes assured that she her daughter "they are work people" (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Susana Dosamantes assured that her daughter “are working people” (Photo: Cuartoscuro) 

And it is that this last comment by the first actress set off the alarms of Thalía’s fans, who They expressed on social networks that Dosamantes would have sent a subtle hint directed at Tommy Mottola’s wife, the record industry mogul in the United States and former president of Sony Music, with whom the artist came to the altar in 2000.

It is known that Thalía maintains a very comfortable financial position, which is why Susana’s comment was interpreted as “a talk” to her daughter’s arch enemy since the time of Timbiriche.

The veteran actress stressed that she sees nothing wrong with her daughter seeking additional income by recording personalized messages for her fans, and asked to be viewed with more respect for being a single mother raising two children as he continues to advance his career on stage.

“She is a good girl and is a great artist, you have to applaud her, and as a woman, support all the mothers, who are the effective ones,” she concluded.

Paulina Rubio caused controversy for putting her personalized greetings on sale (Video: Paulina Rubio)

And it is that the cost at which the singer’s video greetings are set attracted attention, because although many assured that it is somewhat high, others argued that it is a reasonable price compared to certain influencers or content creators with less experience, they get to charge double or even triple.

The platform describes Paulina Rubio as “the Madonna of Latin America” ​​and specify that each clip Custom costs USD 125, something like 2,500 Mexican pesos, an amount that, given the current conditions, not everyone has the possibility of paying.

“Now you can send a personalized message for your friend, your boyfriend, whoever you want. All you have to do is send a message through the app Cameo. So we can be in communication and I can be in contact with you. Any important date! “, shared Paulina Rubio in networks.


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