Suicides and Serial Killers: The Mysteries Behind Hotel Cecil

Suicides and Serial Killers: The Mysteries Behind Hotel Cecil

Elisa Lam is not the only person who died under mysterious circumstances at the Cecil Hotel. This building in Los Angeles houses a series of stories that have inspired a new series on Netflix.

In February 2013, guests at the Hotel Cecil in downtown Los Angeles complained to hotel staff about low water pressure and the strange taste of the water . Inspection of one of the rooftop tanks revealed the problem: the lifeless body of a young student named Elisa Lam was there, in an advanced state of decomposition.  The circumstances in which the young woman died gave rise to a number of assumptions, many of which bordered on the paranormal. The most disconcerting part of the case were the recordings where Elisa Lam is seen in one of theelevators of the hotel, where he is seen acting strangely.

We recommend: Elisa Lam: The mystery of her death in a hotel in Los Angeles, comes to Netflix Despite the seriousness of the case that inspired a recent Netflix production , this is by no means the only tragedy to occur at the Hotel Cecil. This downtown Los Angeles hotel opened in 1925 and gained popularity as a budget hotel with the Great Depression . Throughout its history there have been multiple deaths from unnatural causes, be they accidents , murders or suicides . Helen Gurnee in 1954, Julia Moore in 1962 and Pauline Otton in 1962, jumped from the top of the hotel; the last of them also killed a person who was walking down the street.

There’s also the case of the as-yet-unidentified woman who jumped (or fell) from the 12th floor in 1975, which remains unsolved. Richard Ramirez (known as the “Night Stalker”) and Jack Unterweger, both serial killers , stayed at the Hotel Cecil in 1985 and 1991, respectively. In 2007, the new owners began to restore the building. Some people believe they have seen ghosts at the hotel and the building was part of a famous crime- themed bus tour in the city of Los Angeles . “Bad things happen here over and over again” Although it was determined that Elisa Lam passed away from accidental drowning, there are still those who wonder how she managed to climb to the roof and enter the water tank , closing the lid behind her.

Some believe she was murdered. Others maintain their paranormal hypotheses. The truth is that this hotel has earned the nickname “cursed” and no wonder. Today it is known as Hotel Stay on Main and has 600 rooms . Since 2017 it has been considered a historical and cultural place in Los Angeles due to its architectural importance that dates back to the beginning of the last century.

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