Joe Biden would get the Republican Party to approve his infrastructure plan but with cuts

Roy Blunt , the chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, asked the White House to focus on “highways, bridges, ports and airports”  over the fight against climate change. The project seeks to create 19 million jobs.

Republicans opened the door on Sunday to support a scaled-down version of Joe Biden’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan , which if focused on physical works could yield an “ easy bipartisan victory” for the president of the United States. .

Biden’s American Jobs Plan aims to modernize the nation’s public works and green its energy system.

However, the proposal faces major obstacles in Congress as it sparked criticism from the Republican Party and business lobby groups that oppose the corporate tax hike that is intended to finance the plan.

Roy Blunt , the chairman of the Policy Committee Republican of the Senate , urged Democrats to focus on the traditional pillars of infrastructure, “roads, bridges, ports and airports” , and not on projects more expansive spending Biden for create jobs, fight climate change, and tackle an ever-stronger China.

Blunt spoke out as senior administration officials appeared on Sunday shows to defend the project to Americans as a key element in achieving sustained job growth.

” I talked to the White House a couple of times and I said, ‘You have an easy bipartisan victory here if you keep this package practically focused on infrastructure,” the Republican official said on ABC’s “This Week.”

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