Reopening of Disneyland in California before the relaxation of restrictions due to coronavirus

Reopening of Disneyland in California before the relaxation of restrictions due to coronavirus

The state announced the relaxation of the conditions so that both theme parks and stadiums can have public again.

The state of California paves the way for theme parks such as Disneyland to have the possibility of reopening in April of this year, as well as the stadiums, as it announced the relaxation of the criteria for the admission of the public during the covid-19 pandemic. , as explained by the state health department.

The measures were adopted due to the pressure exerted by the operators of attractions and a sharp decline in the number of cases, so that from April 1 these establishments will be able to operate if they meet certain conditions set by their counties and with a reduced capacity.

As it is, “California can begin to resume more activities gradually and safely, especially those that take place in open places and where the use of masks is possible,” said Health Secretary Mark Ghaly in a statement.

In order for amusement parks to function, it must be taken into account that the county in which they are located is no longer classified as a “purple zone”, the highest level of risk according to the criteria established by the state.

Orange County, where Disneyland Park is located, and Los Angeles, where Universal Studios excels, still have the “purple” classification, but could go red in a few weeks.

However, by staying in the red zone due to the virus, they could work with a capacity limited to 15% of the usual level, it could go up to 25% if it is in orange and 35% if it turns yellow, and they will only be able to enter these parks immediately. Californians, specifies the Department of Health.

Stadiums and other outdoor structures will be able to reopen for sports competitions or concerts starting April 1, regardless of their location.

Similarly, the number of visitors admitted, again limited to California residents, will depend on the level of risk associated with the covid-19 virus: only 100 authorized viewers in the “purple” zone, 20% in the “zone” red ”, 33% in“ orange ”, and so on.

California theme parks, including Disneyland, have been closed since mid-March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Disneyland, which is located in Anaheim, is the second most visited theme park in the world, behind Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which restarted operations in July 2020 with limited capacity.

As a result of the park closure, thousands of employees were laid off and hotels, restaurants and other businesses in California that make a living from the tourist attraction have also been financially affected.

And even though other Disney parks around the world, and in Florida, reopened last summer, the California site never did.

In this regard, Disneyland promised to say when the official reopening date will be as soon as possible.

“With Disney’s responsible safety protocols already in place around the world, we look forward to welcoming our guests,” said park president Ken Potrock, according to AFP.

The company initially ruled out a planned reboot for Disneyland in July last year after a discussion among state officials over biosecurity protocols, blaming restrictions put in place by California authorities in part for the loss of 28,000 jobs in September.

“Our Disney team members are encouraged by this good news that the parks will reopen in a month,” said Andrea Zinder, president of the main local union, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324.

“They have been out of work for a year now and are excited to be back to bring Californians a little more magic in their lives,”