Rashel Díaz wants to dance with Gente de Zona again

Rashel Díaz wants to dance with Gente de Zona again

The famous Rashel Díaz shared on social networks one of her great wishes involving the popular Cuban duo Gente de Zona.

The former Telemundo presenter published some photographs where she appears dancing with Randy Malcom and Alexander Delgado. It is a tbt of the year 2017 in the celebration of Mother’s Day.

Rashel Díaz wants to dance with Gente de Zona again.

The photos also show Rashel’s daughter and husband enjoying the music of Gente de Zona.

“With a desire to be in a concert, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing until exhaustion, without having to worry about anything else,” the Cuban wrote in her post.

Rashel Díaz wants to dance again with the duo Gente de Zona

Rashel Díaz wants to dance again with the duo Gente de Zona (Photo: Rashel Díaz-Instagram)

One of the great passions of the beautiful Cuban is dancing, for many years she studied flamenco and dedicated herself to the same. While passing through Un Nuevo Día, the renowned presenter repeatedly demonstrated her skills as a dancer.

Rashel Díaz was almost 21 years old when her family made the decision to leave Cuba looking for better opportunities in America. The host quit her job as a flamenco dancer to undertake the adventure of her life, and although it took her hard work, she managed to become famous.

For this reason, whenever possible, Rashel publishes a compilation of his dance moments on her Instagram account.

Rashel Díaz and his longing for Cuba

The former presenter of A new day does not forget her Cuban origins, and she has always been proud of them. A few months ago, she confessed from her social networks that in Cuba are her most beautiful memories.

“My heart is in Cuba and the most beautiful moments that I treasure in my memory. How many friends, places and moments that I will never forget!”, the journalist wrote next to an image in which she appears dressed in flamenco.

To which she added: “But everything is still present in my life, the joy of my people, the passion for music and dance. If you didn’t know, that’s where the name @labanashop comes from, a reminder how much I love my island ”.

Without a doubt, the driver is a woman committed to her country and her origins, of which she has always been proud.

“I am very Latin and more Cuban than anything, more than the flag and I put it in everything from the music, to what I think, the clothes I wear, how I speak, the idioms. I am so proud of who I am, of my roots, of where I come from and I think that the older I get the more proud I become,” she said in an interview.