Rapper and streamer Mert's House catches Fire during Stream

Rapper and streamer Mert’s House catches Fire during Stream

This is absolute horror! The former Youtuber and today’s rapper and streamer Mert streamed for his community on Twitch last night when a fire suddenly broke out in his house. The musician, who moved to Berlin last year, was injured in the incident and is currently in hospital.


Mert became known with his YouTube channel of the same name, with which he was able to collect well over 1 million subscribers. In 2017, he decided to say goodbye to Youtube and concentrate full-time on rap music. That turned out to be a good plan for him, because Mert signed a deal for 1.5 million euros in 2019.

After releasing his last album in October 2020, Mert first took a break and focused primarily on Twitch streams. Since he never advertised his channel on his social media pages, he had to build a completely new community there over the past few months. He himself stated in an interview that he appreciates the atmosphere on Twitch and the community there and that is why he is doing without other platforms like Instagram more and more.


He streamed again last night. But when a normal late night stream was planned, it was anything but normal. In front of 2,000 viewers, Mert jumped up from his chair during his broadcast and stormed out of the room. When he returned, the 24-year-old was visibly panicked. It can be clearly seen that a fire has broken out in the next room.

In the hours after the incident, there were initially some rumors about the cause of the fire and the rapper’s health. In the meantime, however, his brother has spoken out on Instagram and explained what really happened.


Accordingly, Mert left a saucepan with oil on the stove, which caused a grease fire. He burned his hand trying to extinguish the fire, although it is not entirely clear how severe his burns really are. According to his brother, he will have an operation tomorrow and will have to stay in the hospital until next Wednesday. We wish Mert a good recovery!

Here you can see the incident

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