Rafael Amargo shows his opinion about Rocío Carrasco's documentary

Rafael Amargo shows his opinion about Rocío Carrasco’s documentary

Much is being said about the Rocío Carrasco documentary and it is that when we think that there is no more to say, Rafael Amargo arrives and shows us his most sincere opinion about ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’.

The flamenco dancer has been very aware of what Rocío Jurado’s daughter has told between cameras and has the feeling that she has exceeded the limit, in fact he dares to give her the advice to ‘cut’ and not say anything else.

“It gives me a little something because I think it is too much, things lose when they spread. If I had been her, I think I would have cut off” was the opinion of Rafael Amargo before the forced question about Rocío Carrasco’s documentary.

And the thing is that the flamenco dancer is a friend of Antonio David and when we name him Olga Moreno he confesses to us that: “It gives me a lot to be in that skin.”

Rafael was one of the well-known faces that sounded like a contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’ and in the end we have already been able to verify that he is not one of the participants of this year. This has a reason that he himself has explained to us:

“It coincided with the film and in the end this was not the year in which you had to do anything”. As for whether he is following the edition, he assures that: “I saw it the other day, but it is difficult for me to get hooked because I do not know more than four or five, the others are these guys from the thrones.”

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